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Obsessions: stock photography

I’m trying to just stick with the free stock photography place stock xchng. Here’s my profile:

Which you cant’ really see anything at since I don’t really have pictures worth sharing. Light boxes appear to be private.

Anyway, a group I belong to ended up discussing, among other things, being addicted to covers and /or stockphotography. Some people even said they would find pictures they loved and try to write a story for the cover.

Not sure I could do that. Though I did find this picture: who made me think of Zack who may or may not be my new hero. I’m working out some kinks with Zack’s plot line. (Which reminds me, if you see me on Twitter ask me if I have been doing my morning pages).

Where was I? Got distracted by the pretty.

I just think up random words to search: passion, love, kiss, rain, hockey, paper. Whatever strikes my fancy. And then I save pictures to my lightbox and then later I look through them and wonder why I saved some of the things I did, then I delete them.

What pictures do you like? What words would you search?

<3 Asrai

ps. happy birthday to my high school crush. yes I remember things like that!


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Blogging …

I know blogging about blogging how boring.

I was just thinking about my process. It’s probably not the best. And if I did better I might get more views. I often write these things up late at night. I’ll be surfing Pinterest or Twitter or my blog feed reader and get ideas. Usually I’ll schedule a bunch of stuff in advance and ignore my blog for the next two weeks.

Eh I’m not here because I’m trying to grow my blog. I like yelling into an echo chamber. My focus is on my fiction. I am not into niche blogging right now. I’d like to be but I don’t have time to read into one niche ’cause all my free time is fiction time.

Anyway, I write these blog posts late at night. And then I hit schedule and I really don’t look at them again. Occasionally I’ll check to see if the formatting is good and I do read comments. But I don’t reread my content.

Yeah …

I should probably save those things into a draft and read it over just once more before it goes live.

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Social media is not for marketing

We see this all over the media and on blogs.

Social Media does not help you sell things.

And I’m kinda like DUH!

Social media is for interacting. For making friends, having conversations, getting feedback, responding to feedback, CONNECTING.

It is not passive. People are not sitting around waiting to be told what they want on social media. They are engaged.

It is not for marketing. Not for small marketing. People who have an established brand like Kim Kardashian or whatever, they can use twitter to sell. For the small and medium sized peeps: very little chance.

You are not going to sell to thousands. Social media moves too fast for that. It’s like a bunch of ADHD people on speed.

If I don’t know you, I really don’t care what you have to say. That’s why spammers don’t get anywhere. I don’t want to read your blog, I don’t want to read your novel, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

I have a core group of friends on twitter and around the blogs I connect with on a regular basis. I talk to people about Dragon Age and other video games. I have a group of writers. I have my editor on there and I tweet how happy I am with her edits. I realized a few weeks ago a good friend went MIA and I am sad and a bit worried as he had a bit of depression (going to send him off an email). I have far too many hashtag searches.

And I do get tweets from fans. (Okay the best thing about this whole writing gig is I get to say I have fans. Me. Who woulda thunk it?) I get to thank them for reading, talk about characters, and let them know when a new book should be heading their way.

If I wanted a quick way to market, I’d buy an advertisement on Facebook. But I’m not in a hurry. I am sticking around and writing more words everyday. And as I sit at home writing in my room late at night while my family sleeps I realize it’s a lonely business and meeting with people on twitter and Facebook fills the social gap.

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Promo vs writing the next book

Okay,  so I sent off my book for final edits. And I’m considering promotions. I read Kait Nolan’s download tome on launch and promo.

I always feel like an asshole when I do promo. Disingenuous.

I thought about knocking on blog doors and asking for guest posts. I don’t do guest posts. I don’t solict others for guest posts. I promote blog posts I enjoyed on Twitter and in my infrequent of late Saturday mashups. It doesn’t feel like the right fit for me.

My current plans is to do a goodreads giveaway, do giveaways to people  in exchange for reviews or coupons for other books. I might also do a good reads q&a. We’ll see.

I’m trying to see if I can figure out a promotion angle that is different. You know how you hear about people who do something crazy novel and catches tons of attention. I have no ideas yet, but since I can’t figure out the damned title for this novel, I have some time yet.

I just read The $100 Start-Up by Chris Guillebeau, which is about starting a business on the cheap and just going for it. Not letting all those things you see as obstacles hold you back. I’d love to start a business, but I don’t feel like I have anything right now to sell, but then again, that little voice says to me that my little self-publishing venture is my business venture.

Anyway, I made six pages of notes and I think there are some things in there that I can transfer to a book release and self-publishing venture in general. Though I felt it was more geared toward the non-fiction crowd where ebooks sell for $20-50 or more.

What have you seen in the way of good promotions? what about bad promotions? What do you do to promote?

Also anyone have tips on titles? Fuck, I hate titles.

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Interspiration #06022012: Tipsy edition

Hopefully this all works out, I`m having a couple coolers while I try to get this all worked up. haha.

The language of parents.

May in Norway

Modern romance. via @_SamanthaWaren

Music of our youth

Your obligation is to create opportunities for others.

My kid said what?

To swear or not to swear on-line. I swear, for emphasis or to remeber I am more than a mommy.

Genreality tackles romantic stucture

Finding time to write when you have no time.

@SSchroeder_ shares her Friday Favorites. Lots of good links

Guilty(?) pleasures: Little Big Planet

Can GMOs help fight world hunger? Not really.

creativity as a form of magic

creativity as a form of magic


Oh cool. Queen Victioria’s journals. I did a report on her in grade 10.


On strong female characters. RT @JessicaMerizan: Dear@ruckawriter – I am now your biggest fan :)


A very interesting article about Pinterest. Is the Pinterest problem a problem? Or an opportunity? #myWana



I have a table I need to paint, but this is a little much work for me. Going to look for more inspiration. #DIYreno


I can do it all


Half an ass does you no good. via @EmmaBurcart


3 ways to avoid letting time get away from you. I’m so bad for this.


When you don’t feel like being awesome, Barney is awesome for you. Don’t let that happen. You should be awesome.


Write with an open heart. Beautiful piece.


Credit card fast, call to action. Stop lenders from using credit scores against us.


When you hit the writing wall.


Six enemies of greatness and happiness. Ohh good list.


Never give up on your dream. Or laugh at the dreams of others. via@KristyKJames



Create hundreds of ideas at will.


Upcycled wall art. I have some empty walls …


Do we need standards in ebook formats?


Empowerment begins with a single realization.


Time is the key. Motivation and discipline are the tools. great post from @barrycrowther


Confess your writing sins I of course am perfect, so nothing to confess. :)


Need to end an discussion? Get the super mega period. It’s over.


on @MelindaVan s to don’t list. Good list.


Story tracker for changes, editing and consistency.


How to get a yes from people you adore.


These are neat. RT @GuyKawasaki: Popular songs made into minimalist pictogram posters


Treat your personal heroes like peers.


Do you want only ignorant clients? RT @gordonwarnock: If an agent asks for information, don’t question what we do to earn our percentage.


My favorite piece of advice from this week on Twitter, which I won`t attribute and who never replied to my question

Protip: If an agent asks for information, don’t argue or question what we do to earn our percentage. It won’t convince us to sign you.

I asked if he preferred clients who were ignorant about what they were paying him for? Got that people, DO NOT ASK your agent what they will do to earn their pay. They prefer you to remain ignorant about their goings ons, because of course they are the experts and you should not worry your pretty head about it. I have no idea why there is such a backlash against agents …  okay moving on …


Shame or good for her Kate wears the same dress twice in 11 days?


is perfectionism ruining your career?


What makes a best friend?




Dog walk mediation via @PrudenceMacLeod


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Huh Vin Diesal has a motorhome the size of my house. we live in 1200 sqf.


Felt scrap rug. Okay that looks like a lot of work.


No one gives you power.


What holds you down can lift you up.


How to write your truth even in public.


Neat idea DIY summer camps.


Too much candy gonna rot your soul


A few tips for avoiding writer’s block.


10 great things about babies.



Alright I’m falling over a little and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. So have a really great weekend. This may the bacardi talking, but I am not happy with the way the interspriation looks in preview. I may have to spring for a thingie.

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Interspiration #4212012

Today my daughter is competing in a karate tournament. I have no idea what to expect from this tournament. But hoping it goes well.

@KristyKJames: Slow, Deep Breaths….

Facebook pros. via @barrycrowther

13 overlooked branding opportunities for life coaches. As a romance writer I am an imaginary relationship coach. Hypothetical relationship coach?

Creativity is a verb and other insights from Milton Glaser. via @the99percent

8 insights from inventors under 30.

This may be a random thought

Make your own recycled weed block.

Need an endless stream of blog ideas?

 Wanna be my new shiny thing? Or just feed my narcissism by reading my about page? I ramble on about myself.
Crazy IS the New Normal via @elenaaitken
Let’s see some righteous Gray Wardening.
@DanielleLaPorte firing up creative geniuses on the Huffington Post for 30 days!!

The Power of Introverts via the Huffington Post.

@elizabethscraig is excited about what new technology, new opportunities in publishing. me too!!
“I did her too.” LOVE you Isabella.Dragon Age 2 video.
 You Are a Child of the Universe”: Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata via@LenaCorazon Awesome, awesome, awesome. But probably would have been better with a link.
Elves on Immortal Monday via @DebraKristi
Open source permaculture. COOL!!
Following @louisebehiel in her series on children from troubled familes. 3 more characteristics And I see myself again.
What if you only did what was easy?

What The Voice can teach us about critiquing. via @AngelaRWallace

Don’t write fluff. How to write content people read.
twitter conversations with Zoe Winters
Free blogging lessons from the pros. (Tip 1: read blogs with a critical eye).
Indecisive? Some tips for clearing your head and making a decision.
Prosperity is not all about money. (but there is that too).
RT @jhansenwrites: Thank You, #IRS, for Coming After Me ~ Fantastic story about #taxes (Yes, really.) via@PiperBayard
I know we all need more blogging tips. Digitial writers guide to blogging. Free on Amazon. #Wana1011#myWana #Row80 (this may have ended, I don’t know)

How to visualize for better results.

The courage to try something new from @ColeenPatrick

Take responsiblity.

Say something new darn it!

Read faster and understand more. Blogger on a quest to read 1000 books in a year. I’m pretty fast but not that fast.

I am not perfect via @alicamj

Things @RhianBowley has done since realizing she could finish her novel in a week. need to be accountable for a goal? Want to join me in goal setting? I don’t anything set yet, I am too tired to think.

A penny for your thoughts?

Creativity and Tyler Durden (Fight Club). Great post via@barrycrowther

How to Frost Cupcakes like a Pro. I really just want someone to do this for me.

An ode to Fringe’s wardrobe department via @RhianBowley

Author branding tool: the Icon.

Enhanced by ZemantaYour financial health is dependent on you.
Fancy striped icecubes. So neat.
Jeans have conquered the world.
A to-do suggestion for your blog this weekend. Set safe, secure user roles.
What’s next for NASA? via @LynetteMBurrows
More than being smart or lucky.
What is twitter anyway? Another answer.
I had several funny Twitter statuses from this week I planned to post through the links, but they wouldn’t embed. I’ve done it before with the same method, but they refused to work. If anyone has tips for me or a link with how to, please leave me a comment. I’m beyond frustrated with that.
If you don’t follow me you can find me on twitter at
I also have a very nice girl’s night with 3 of my high school friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years. So that was fun, but my husband was annoyed because my son won’t go to sleep without his “nums” (nursing) and is pressing me to wean. I think I will agree to break the nurse to sleep association, but not wean all together.
Hope everyone had a good week. Thanks for all the comments, RTs and conversations.

twitter conversations with Zoe Winters

So Zoe Winters started it. It was not me, I swear.

I retweeted it, becuase it was funny and she replied with

There is a lot of issues that surround the highly intelligent and highly creative

She is pretty successful and a great writer, so I’d call that brilliant. And she has the good taste to write romance.  The crazy part well …

I have long admired Zoe Winters. If you have no idea who she is check out her blog.

#row80 check in, more sadness

Today sucked. Last Saturday we took our awesome, but indoor-outdoor cat to the vet because she seemed in pain and I had found a small wound that was pus filled. They cleaned it, gave her an anti-biotic and sent her home. She got out of the house unbeknownst to us Monday and I found her in the afternoon. I grabbed her and popped a huge abscess on her side and brought her in to clean it. It was huge and gaping. I called the vet, they booked me in first thing Tuesday (this morning even though this won’t post until Wednesday).  Hubby took her in, (Thank god because I’m sure I’d still be there) and she was torn open worse on the other side. Some sort of big animal got her and shook her around. There was nothing they could do but ease her pain.

RIP Snuffalupagus, Snuffi. You will be missed. She really was an awesome cat.

But it brings me back to loss, which seems to be the theme of this year.

So row80 goals.

Write 750 words 5 days a week. Right now I am at a bit of a loss on how to proceed with my novel. I got the heroine into a pickle and I don’t know how to get her back out. The pickle was something I envisioned from the beginning (though in a different point in the story) and now I’m stuck. So I’m concentrating on How to Think Sideways Course from Holly Lisle.

Blog twice a week. I have to refill my Friday posts, as what I had scheduled are at an end. And Mondays I write as I think of things that interest me.

Go for a walk or to the park or something. We hung out outside in the yard for a while today and yesterday we went for two walks. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so we’ll probably head for the park for a bit.

Clean up the yard.  Working on it. Tomorrow I have plans to clean the house, because I’ve been slacking off.

Tweet blogs with mentions. Did a few today. Tuesdays are a difficult day to find good posts. I’m also trying to steer clear of posting too many writing focused blogs, which is difficult because the bulk of my focus is writing, the publishing industry, and social media related to writing and publishing. I don’t want to get niched into writing about writing and Tweeting about writing.

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#Row80 Check in

My first Row80 check in. Goals have not been on the top of my mind this week.

Let’s see.

Goal #1 750 words, 5 days a week. I wrote 7 days this week, no idea on my word count as I forgot to keep track. It’s not a habit of mine, as long as I write I’m generally happy.

Goal #2 blog twice a week. Going well, been doing random life posts on Mondays and Fun on Fridays and the occasional writerly thing scheduled for the middle of the week.

Goal #3 Go to the park and for a walk. Went to the park on Thursday with Boy, while Girl was at Karate, even though it was freezing with wind.

Goal #4. yard clean up in progress. Our new place has an enormous amount of trees and thus a great big deal of leaves.  We did 6 bags of leaves in the fall before the snow fell, the rest got shoved in a pile, we did 13 this spring and I have probably 3-5 more to do. Although some are going in my new compost bin, as soon as there is time to build that. And y’know lack of wind. (Okay there is never lack of wind, it’s the prairies).

Goal #5. Retweet by using mentions. I think more than half my tweet this week were with mentions of users, many people thanked me. I read this post. I read this post yesterday, titled The Twitter Thanking Crisis. Basically a lot of people tweet messages that seem like thank-yous, but are actually self-promotion. Some good tips and some ranting in the post.  Any thoughts on the topic? Do you engage in some of the activities she writes about? (I do, but they aren’t the only things I tweet, so I think I’m okay).

Happy Easter. My children got a bit of candy and Just Dance 3, which the boy is less than thrilled about; he loves the first one, but this one has songs he’s unfamiliar at this moment, a month from now will be a different story.  I will say it’s way more complicated than the first one, they don’t always show you the next move, relying on you to remember.

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Interspiration #3172012

Justine Musk talks about habits in general and how to change them.

Funny facebook statuses.

5 types of work that fill your day.

Protecting our writing time

Daylight savings time origins.

Niche vs Non-Niche blogging? Whats write for you?

How to give praise and when to keep your mouth shut. #Wana1011

Excellent advice. How to reblog.

What no one tells beginners. Ira Glass on creating.

My favorite new blog: interior porn. I want to start a tumblr called “Organized Clutter” i love when the houses are cluttered, but organized.