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Blogging …

I know blogging about blogging how boring.

I was just thinking about my process. It’s probably not the best. And if I did better I might get more views. I often write these things up late at night. I’ll be surfing Pinterest or Twitter or my blog feed reader and get ideas. Usually I’ll schedule a bunch of stuff in advance and ignore my blog for the next two weeks.

Eh I’m not here because I’m trying to grow my blog. I like yelling into an echo chamber. My focus is on my fiction. I am not into niche blogging right now. I’d like to be but I don’t have time to read into one niche ’cause all my free time is fiction time.

Anyway, I write these blog posts late at night. And then I hit schedule and I really don’t look at them again. Occasionally I’ll check to see if the formatting is good and I do read comments. But I don’t reread my content.

Yeah …

I should probably save those things into a draft and read it over just once more before it goes live.

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Social media is not for marketing

We see this all over the media and on blogs.

Social Media does not help you sell things.

And I’m kinda like DUH!

Social media is for interacting. For making friends, having conversations, getting feedback, responding to feedback, CONNECTING.

It is not passive. People are not sitting around waiting to be told what they want on social media. They are engaged.

It is not for marketing. Not for small marketing. People who have an established brand like Kim Kardashian or whatever, they can use twitter to sell. For the small and medium sized peeps: very little chance.

You are not going to sell to thousands. Social media moves too fast for that. It’s like a bunch of ADHD people on speed.

If I don’t know you, I really don’t care what you have to say. That’s why spammers don’t get anywhere. I don’t want to read your blog, I don’t want to read your novel, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

I have a core group of friends on twitter and around the blogs I connect with on a regular basis. I talk to people about Dragon Age and other video games. I have a group of writers. I have my editor on there and I tweet how happy I am with her edits. I realized a few weeks ago a good friend went MIA and I am sad and a bit worried as he had a bit of depression (going to send him off an email). I have far too many hashtag searches.

And I do get tweets from fans. (Okay the best thing about this whole writing gig is I get to say I have fans. Me. Who woulda thunk it?) I get to thank them for reading, talk about characters, and let them know when a new book should be heading their way.

If I wanted a quick way to market, I’d buy an advertisement on Facebook. But I’m not in a hurry. I am sticking around and writing more words everyday. And as I sit at home writing in my room late at night while my family sleeps I realize it’s a lonely business and meeting with people on twitter and Facebook fills the social gap.

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Promo vs writing the next book

Okay,  so I sent off my book for final edits. And I’m considering promotions. I read Kait Nolan’s download tome on launch and promo.

I always feel like an asshole when I do promo. Disingenuous.

I thought about knocking on blog doors and asking for guest posts. I don’t do guest posts. I don’t solict others for guest posts. I promote blog posts I enjoyed on Twitter and in my infrequent of late Saturday mashups. It doesn’t feel like the right fit for me.

My current plans is to do a goodreads giveaway, do giveaways to people  in exchange for reviews or coupons for other books. I might also do a good reads q&a. We’ll see.

I’m trying to see if I can figure out a promotion angle that is different. You know how you hear about people who do something crazy novel and catches tons of attention. I have no ideas yet, but since I can’t figure out the damned title for this novel, I have some time yet.

I just read The $100 Start-Up by Chris Guillebeau, which is about starting a business on the cheap and just going for it. Not letting all those things you see as obstacles hold you back. I’d love to start a business, but I don’t feel like I have anything right now to sell, but then again, that little voice says to me that my little self-publishing venture is my business venture.

Anyway, I made six pages of notes and I think there are some things in there that I can transfer to a book release and self-publishing venture in general. Though I felt it was more geared toward the non-fiction crowd where ebooks sell for $20-50 or more.

What have you seen in the way of good promotions? what about bad promotions? What do you do to promote?

Also anyone have tips on titles? Fuck, I hate titles.

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New reality show or just insane?

It all started innocently.

which made me think of my favorite Animaniacs skit where the Warner’s are harassed by the Survey Ladies who want to know their bean and George Wendt (the actor who played Norm) preferences?

Then Fabio says:

And now I’m thinking it would perk up Writer’s Conferences. Or it could be a great reality show.

If the agents didn’t like your pitch they would press a button and you’d drop into the pit below. (Much more dramatic and cartoon style- plus no crying writer’s).


Maybe you could do interpretive dance instead.

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