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All the what ifs in the world

My WIP is a big What If … book. I have a thing for “soul mates” who have been separated by time and their own misconceptions (see: Second Chance Romance) who get back together later.

And then I was surfing Facebook and came across a friend from university (I only attended one year and then dropped out) who I had a huge crush on but he was dating someone else and I sorta dated his friend (this was part of why I dropped out). And I think, I think, he liked me as well, but y’know it was what it was, and we never got together.

My mind was wandering like, what if we had dated. Not in a, I wish it were so, kind of way, but in a, what might have happened differently.

Possibly the same things that actually did happen, because I had a lot of issues that I didn’t deal well with. We might have ended in just as a big a train wreck and I would have dropped out and moved home anyway.

Do you ever indulge in the “What if ….” thinking/daydreaming?


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Wanna live longer?

I was playing with my phone a few days ago, it’s an Android HTC, I think, and I was installing apps. I installed the Kijiji app and the Ikea App. And then the TED talks app.

In case you’ve been under a rock, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. According to Wikipedia, TED conferences started in 1984 in California. They’ve grown and are held all over now. The main events are called TED, but any city can host one called a Tedx. And no one is allowed to be paid to speak at a Tedx conference, and all speeches must be allowed to be free streamed on the TED website.

Since 2006, all TED speeches have been available for free on the

Anyway, I was flipping through the TED app and I came across the title “The Game that will can give you 10 extra years of your life” by Jane McGonigal. Since I love anything that says gaming is good, I clicked watched. While I half watched my 10 year old playing a video game and my husband playing a different game on the computer, we listened to to Ms. McGonigal, a game designer, tell us about her experience with games. She suffered a major head trauma and she didn’t heal as we assume concussions normal heal. About 1 in 3 concussion victims end up with suicide ideation.

Instead of just falling into a depression over the pain, or listening to her brain, Jane decided to make her life into a game. She would “collect power-ups” for doing anything that would heal her brain. And in a couple days of playing the game with her sister, her depression started to lift. She started sharing her game with other people on her blog and people started playing their own game and started telling her about their own amazing transformations.

She started calling the game superbetter, which you can play on the website 

My daughter and I both joined. ‘Cause who doesn’t want 10 extra years of life, and some fun. IF anyone has joined in the past or joins after reading this let me know and we can join up and be allies. :)


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Imagining … kisses

I keep imagining …

wearing a garter belt, thigh high stockings

long fingers stroking the soft skin exposed just above the stockings

gentle teasing fingers, touching

soft kisses, long kisses, wet kisses, seeking tongue, nipping teeth, soft lips,

kiss by mikelawrey stock.xchng

gentle murmurs with romance “so beautiful”, “so sexy”, “can’t wait to touch, to taste, to see”

beach vacation, warm sands, hot nights, revealing clothing

of love, of lovers, of first times and next times and every time,

of young love, mature love,

uncontrolled lust and falling, falling, falling for you.

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FML: Too much to do


Damn it.

For readers who want more hockey- you are in luck. My brain figured out the next novel. I know it’s YA for everyone. because I get the feeling i”m going to love this one. (I know I say that EVERY TIME).

but at the same time, I have all these other awesome ideas I want to write.

I had this fairytale romance I started writing. It derailed, but I love the idea. The heroine is the daughter of a high ranking noble, set to marry a Prince, whom she’s never met, when she meets his illegitimate half-brother. I’m not sure where it derailed. This was a lesson I did with Holly Lisle‘s How to Think Sideways, I’ll have to pull out my notes and work through it. I love the idea.

I am mostly finished a May-December romance. And now the new hockey novel wants to run that way as well. I’ll try to resist.

I noticed that one thing I love to write about is a rekindled romance from the teenager years.  Maybe I never got over the boys I loved as a teenager. (Also, despite  wishing to write erotica, this last romance I wrote has ONE sex scene and it doesn’t even need to be in the book. I am writing less sex!!)

Back to the May-December, I-loved-you-since-I-was-a-teen that is not quite finished. When I write a novel I do the first draft and then I plot it out and look for holes. I think there may be holes, but now that I wrote the HEA my muse is washing her hands of the project.

I was going to force it a bit more, but I think I shall leave it sit for a few weeks, and I’ll go onto HOCKEY.

While I was looking up hot redheads, I stumbled on some gorgeous pictures of Eddie Redmayne. He’s taken up permanent residence my brain people. I’m sorry that you are tired of hearing about him, I am not tired of thinking about him.

I was trying to work his image into a story, and then my brain managed to morph it into a hockey novel. While you are waiting for that to get onto paper, I am going to release a new Corey Porter story. I forgot about this until I was cleaning up some files. I’ll hopefully run it through the editor and get it out shortly. I think you’ll be surprised. Like Where the Path Leads, it will be free on Smashwords. deets later.

There are a few other projects I’ve abandoned over the last few months, maybe years, that I’d like to see finished. Somedays I wish my brain had an off switch, or I had a nanny. If I had a nanny maybe I could get all this shit done.

Let me know what is up in your life.


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Stalled before I start

I am putting it off. I am waiting for the moment to be right. I am waiting for me to stop being scared. I am waiting for permission. I am waiting for my muse. I am waiting for a good night’s sleep and a day where my son isn’t whiny.

I am waiting to start my next novel.

I’ve got the basic pre-plan on file. And then i just write, but I haven’t started.

I think because I am not excited about this one yet. I want to write it, the hero needs a chance to redeem himself. And yet, I want to write about sexy encounters on the beach with men with freckles who kiss like a fantasy.

I want to write about heroines who think they might like to be literally tied down. And spanked for fun. Heroines who appreciate dominate men who have strict rules about behavior and decorum. And dress. And sex. Of limits tested and stretched further than you thought you could go.

I want to write about falling for the wrong person at the right time, or the right person at the wrong time. I want to write about taboo seductions and clandestine relationships that walk the fine line of hot and just plain wrong. (Nothing illegal this has been something I’ve wanted to write for years).

I want kisses and bodies brushing together, moaning and panting breath that meet between two bodies, mouths that suck and tease, fingers that caress and stroke and orgasms for everyone.  And people who roll over and say “I love you” even though they’ve only been dating for five days.

I want love at first sight and happily every afters forever more.

Maybe I should write those things instead. I think the muse and I will be much happier. I will come back to the hockey later. I’m still mad at the hero for his past.

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Beauty and the Werewolf: a review (small spoiler)

I don’t know how to word this spoiler. The book is easy to figure out, if you want to read the book, skip reading reviews on it and just read it. My criticism in a nutshull is the book lacked tension.

I’ve given up on the 50/50 challenge. I don’t have the will to watch movies. 2 hours of unblocked time? haha, that’s writing time baby, and blogging and social media. If there really is 2 hours of time that I don’t have someone demanding something of me. And if it weren’t those, it would be housekeeping.

But I’m still reading at least a book a week these days, I just haven’t been tracking them. I asked about fantasy suggestions a while back and one from Karen J was Mercedes Lackey and my library had one of her newer ones in the electronic lending library so I downloaded it. Beauty and the Werewolf, a romance. And a new take on Beauty and the Beast, with a dash of Little Red Riding Hood.

It was fast paced and a page turner. I suspected who it was half way in but had to read frantically until i got the the end and found out the villain.

But at the same time, I was left feeling a little unimpressed. I raced to turn the pages. What went wrong?

Lack of tension at all.  The only reason to turn pages quickly was to find out if I was right or not and looking at it, of course I was correct, there was no other option. There were only three characters in the book.

For a romance, even as a subplot, there was no romantic tension. Until the scene where the hero and heroine did something other than try to find out how to break the werewolf curse, there was no mention of any attraction whatsoever, it felt tagged on as if Lackey remembered this was supposed to be a romance. She had more page time with his invisible servants than the hero.

Even Bella’s raging against her three month imprisonment incase she turned werewolf felt half-hearted.

It’s a reminder to me, that tension needs to be on every page. I’m going to see if I can read the rest of the series, because I love a good rewritten fairytale.

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Relationship tips from stories

I was writing the post on “Who’s your hero?” and it occurred to me there some tips to learned from a good romance character.

1. Stop trying to fix who they are. We picked our partners because we loved who they were, so many people want to change their partners. We just all need to start accepting people as they are. I’m going to try to do that more.

2. More hot sex. To heck with everything, get down and get dirty with your partner. Do what feels good to them. Then some of what feels good to you. And be open to trying something new.  Repeat until you can’t stand the pleasure.

3. My favorite line in all the Release from the Chains stories is when Bran says ” never apologize for who you are or what you want.” No one should make us feel bad about what we are or what we want. Stop apologizing, and don’t don’t don’t tame your dreams down for someone.

4. Be willing to make an effort. I love angst and drama in fiction, I don’t like it as much in real life, but it`s always there. We always have to make an effort and do some work to have anything worth having. Don’t let our partners forget they are special to us. Make an effort to do something special for them, something they like even if you aren’t fond of it or have never tried it.

5. Seduction. My muse likes smut. And it`s nature that we want to rub against each other. Embrace it and enjoy that part of yourself. Make some noise and throw your whole self into the act.

What has your favorite story taught you about life?

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Who’s your hero?

I’ve fallen in love. With a character.

I have to confess, and if you’ve been around here before  you’ll know, I am obsessed with the Dragon Age storyworld. Both Origins and Two (which they should have given a name, not just a number). The world building,, characters and plot choices just touch me.

And given the amount of Fan Fiction for Dragon Age on, I’m not the only one. But anyway, I found this story, well collection, involving the main character from DA:2, and Seneschal Bran in a angsty, drama filled romance, which some pretty hot scenes. Nearly forgot to add the link to the first part of the story. I haven`t indulged in adding any Fan Fic to the site. Yet.

Anyway, I was pondering this morning why I love Bran in this story so much and why some heroes touch us more than others.

He loves his heroine in spite of, and sometimes because of her flaws. They also drive him crazy and he sometimes argues with her about things, so it’s not all flowers and roses. But, he loves her no matter what, and that’s the kind of thing we’d all like.

Not only does he love her flaws, he encourages her to accept herself for who she is.  He knows her better than she knows herself. But he’s not going to tell her, he’s going to slowly work on her and bring her to the light, and he’s willing to be very patient about it.

And once he’s done convincing her she’s awesome, he seduces her. With really hot sex, a little domination and occasional S&M.

He`s not all good either though. He does use some underhanded tactics to get her to follow his will. And he does on occasion use excessive force to get the truth from her.

These are the types of characters I want to create. The type that readers wind up obsessed with. The type of characters other writers wish they had written.

Which characters have you fallen in love with?

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Conversations with the Muse

So we (the muses and I) came up with this wonderful idea. This wonderful world where people with kind of ESP started a war to take over the world, or the government (it’s not really Earth based) at least. But they lost, at great cost to everyone else. The government is now focused on controlling them and everyone else in the world is kind of left to their own devices.

I have no idea how to write an adventure type novel. I write romance, my brain is stuck there. The Plot Bunnies (muses) complain they can’t see the conflict or the character arc, or anything, because I am so focused on the romance.

I am stuck with this wonderful idea and no place to go with it.  I have this one and another mystery in my idea bank. Stories I’d love to write but have no idea how to plot.

What I need to do is read a few non-romance, action, adventures, fantasy type books. Not only read them, but study them. I’d prefer the books have romances in them, since romance will always be a subplot for me. I can’t not have a romance. So I’m soliciting suggestions. What adventure books have you enjoyed? Preferably a stand alone or not more than a trilogy. I don’t want to read a ten-book series. I loved Louise Bujod’s “Sharing Knife” series, but I didn’t get what she wrote about half the time.

For now, somehow this new book plotted itself, and I’m a pantser, so I have no idea what is going on. I’m blaming Holly Lisle. I full expect at least the last third to change as I go along, already the Plot Bunnies are pushing new ideas toward me “how about we do this?” yes yes, we’ll work it all in my dears.

My lovely beautiful editor, who didn’t tell me my story sucks, is/are, there are two I think, working on my second to last hockey novel. I think, could be the last. If it goes well, I may may may revise the other three with a professional edit. We’ll see. We shall see indeed.

I’m feeling very lovey and at peace with the world. I’m going to go enjoy that feeling. Have a great weekend. See tomorrow with the fun, and Saturday with my link mash up. I got lazy last week. I tweet new links all afternoon, you can follow me on twitter

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Putting readers in the driver’s seat

Larry Brooks of Storyfix wrote this post about how to position yourself to go viral, inspired for him by reading about the success of 50 Shades of Grey.

His idea was that the book succeeded because it allowed the reader to live vicariously through the main character.

And if I think about the videos, books and video games I have loved, that is part of what I loved about them.

A few examples:

Dragon Age: Origins (video game). You are the main character. You speak as the MC, you make her decisions (and the game can change based on your decisions). Basically, you are in the driver’s seat, feeling and thinking all these things. It’s like transporting a story to paper dolls in front of you.

The Kimberly Cole video audition where the alter-ego of Nathan Barnett, über nerd Keith Apiary takes part in the audition and everyone LOVES him. He’s not just a comedian, the dude, despite all appearances, can dance.

Why we love it: because we all feel like the nerd or the odd person out in the room at one time or another and we’ve all wished we could pull out something über cool like these dance moves and win the approval of the all the people, we believe, are judging us.

50 Shades of Gray or Twilight or any romance where the heroine was flawed, majorly flawed, but manages to win the love of the “Prince Charming” hero.

Why we love them: 50 Shades of Gray, while I haven’t read it, the idea of being tied up and pleasured by a hot young man, well hell, that is of course appealing, and if he’s rich all the better. Especially if he picks the shy little college student. But romance in general, we all want to be loved. When the main character has some sort of flaw, an imperfection, we can identify with her. Perfect people are boring.

Hell, who doesn’t want a man like Edward, who worships the ground we walk on? I know that would get annoying in real life, but fiction is about escape.

What have you seen/read/played that has drawn you in and made you live vicariously through the main character? Have you found this in your own writing?

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