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FML: Too much to do


Damn it.

For readers who want more hockey- you are in luck. My brain figured out the next novel. I know it’s YA for everyone. because I get the feeling i”m going to love this one. (I know I say that EVERY TIME).

but at the same time, I have all these other awesome ideas I want to write.

I had this fairytale romance I started writing. It derailed, but I love the idea. The heroine is the daughter of a high ranking noble, set to marry a Prince, whom she’s never met, when she meets his illegitimate half-brother. I’m not sure where it derailed. This was a lesson I did with Holly Lisle‘s How to Think Sideways, I’ll have to pull out my notes and work through it. I love the idea.

I am mostly finished a May-December romance. And now the new hockey novel wants to run that way as well. I’ll try to resist.

I noticed that one thing I love to write about is a rekindled romance from the teenager years.  Maybe I never got over the boys I loved as a teenager. (Also, despite  wishing to write erotica, this last romance I wrote has ONE sex scene and it doesn’t even need to be in the book. I am writing less sex!!)

Back to the May-December, I-loved-you-since-I-was-a-teen that is not quite finished. When I write a novel I do the first draft and then I plot it out and look for holes. I think there may be holes, but now that I wrote the HEA my muse is washing her hands of the project.

I was going to force it a bit more, but I think I shall leave it sit for a few weeks, and I’ll go onto HOCKEY.

While I was looking up hot redheads, I stumbled on some gorgeous pictures of Eddie Redmayne. He’s taken up permanent residence my brain people. I’m sorry that you are tired of hearing about him, I am not tired of thinking about him.

I was trying to work his image into a story, and then my brain managed to morph it into a hockey novel. While you are waiting for that to get onto paper, I am going to release a new Corey Porter story. I forgot about this until I was cleaning up some files. I’ll hopefully run it through the editor and get it out shortly. I think you’ll be surprised. Like Where the Path Leads, it will be free on Smashwords. deets later.

There are a few other projects I’ve abandoned over the last few months, maybe years, that I’d like to see finished. Somedays I wish my brain had an off switch, or I had a nanny. If I had a nanny maybe I could get all this shit done.

Let me know what is up in your life.


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Conversations with the Muse

So we (the muses and I) came up with this wonderful idea. This wonderful world where people with kind of ESP started a war to take over the world, or the government (it’s not really Earth based) at least. But they lost, at great cost to everyone else. The government is now focused on controlling them and everyone else in the world is kind of left to their own devices.

I have no idea how to write an adventure type novel. I write romance, my brain is stuck there. The Plot Bunnies (muses) complain they can’t see the conflict or the character arc, or anything, because I am so focused on the romance.

I am stuck with this wonderful idea and no place to go with it.  I have this one and another mystery in my idea bank. Stories I’d love to write but have no idea how to plot.

What I need to do is read a few non-romance, action, adventures, fantasy type books. Not only read them, but study them. I’d prefer the books have romances in them, since romance will always be a subplot for me. I can’t not have a romance. So I’m soliciting suggestions. What adventure books have you enjoyed? Preferably a stand alone or not more than a trilogy. I don’t want to read a ten-book series. I loved Louise Bujod’s “Sharing Knife” series, but I didn’t get what she wrote about half the time.

For now, somehow this new book plotted itself, and I’m a pantser, so I have no idea what is going on. I’m blaming Holly Lisle. I full expect at least the last third to change as I go along, already the Plot Bunnies are pushing new ideas toward me “how about we do this?” yes yes, we’ll work it all in my dears.

My lovely beautiful editor, who didn’t tell me my story sucks, is/are, there are two I think, working on my second to last hockey novel. I think, could be the last. If it goes well, I may may may revise the other three with a professional edit. We’ll see. We shall see indeed.

I’m feeling very lovey and at peace with the world. I’m going to go enjoy that feeling. Have a great weekend. See tomorrow with the fun, and Saturday with my link mash up. I got lazy last week. I tweet new links all afternoon, you can follow me on twitter

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Interspiration #5122012

It was an okay week. Hubby worked a ton, which we needed. Got my first ever Smashwords payment (that may have been last week). Did a ton of work with How to Think Sideways course from Holly Lisle. Castle was AWSOME!! Hubby got dizzy with  benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and which really has no treatment, but this weird thing called the Epley maneuver, which has a high success rate.

And I painted the wall behind the computer desk olive brown. Looks awesome, except for the white showing through the bits I missed, it’s a textured wall. Pictures later. Eventually.

Hope everyone had a good week. Sorry to everyone who had awesome posts that I couldn’t include or missed.

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darn you @elizabethscraig and your Twitterific links for the week. I have 10 windows open. 10!!

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#Row80 checkin for this date

1) Write 750 words 5 days a week.

I have written in some form everyday, but a few days it was work on How to Think Sideways course by Holly Lisle, which is totally awesome. I’m loving it.

Had to abandon my WIP, the one referenced in my Lucky 7 meme. I made it a special world, but then did no world building, so I have to fix that somehow, I really love the characters and plot. A shiny new idea came to mind.

But again, not tracking word count. Blah.

2) blogging at least twice a week, not including Row updates and my interspiration link mashups for Saturdays.

my monday serious post and Friday Fun are working. I don’t have a backlog built up yet, but I’ll get to that. I’ve been reading too much about niche and panicking about whether or not I need a niche.

3) go for a walk once a week and go to the park with child(ren??) once a week.

went to the park last night with sunshine boy  and sunshine girl was at Karate

4) get the yard cleaned up. nuff said, the paining done.

It snowed on the weekend so cleaning the yard was put off.

Funny story with the painting. We did the floors in the living room sometime ago and on Sunday, while sunshine boy named, the girl and I decided to paint. I told her if she got paint on the floor I’d be ticked. She painted a while, we wiped up numerous splatters and found that it was easy. She got tired and quit and I was nearly finished and I ran out of paint. She went and grabbed the paint bucket and all of a sudden I heard “I didn’t mean to.” (DUH!) I turn and she’s on her hands and knees and half the leftover paint is in a pool on the floor and she’s crying.

Poor kid, she’s 9. I scooped up what I could, we used all the rags in the house scooping the rest. And I laughed hysterically. It was either that or cry.

5) Connect with others by using the @USERNAME when I tweet links to people’s blogs.

I tweeted a whole bunch yesterday, but last night and this morning, I haven’t checked my RSS feeds so maybe later today. I schedule my tweets for afternoon to early evening. Getting good responses from people I’ve tweeted links for, and I’m finding that I’m following a lot people’s blogs whom I’m not following on Twitter, so that is getting fixed up.

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#row80 check in, more sadness

Today sucked. Last Saturday we took our awesome, but indoor-outdoor cat to the vet because she seemed in pain and I had found a small wound that was pus filled. They cleaned it, gave her an anti-biotic and sent her home. She got out of the house unbeknownst to us Monday and I found her in the afternoon. I grabbed her and popped a huge abscess on her side and brought her in to clean it. It was huge and gaping. I called the vet, they booked me in first thing Tuesday (this morning even though this won’t post until Wednesday).  Hubby took her in, (Thank god because I’m sure I’d still be there) and she was torn open worse on the other side. Some sort of big animal got her and shook her around. There was nothing they could do but ease her pain.

RIP Snuffalupagus, Snuffi. You will be missed. She really was an awesome cat.

But it brings me back to loss, which seems to be the theme of this year.

So row80 goals.

Write 750 words 5 days a week. Right now I am at a bit of a loss on how to proceed with my novel. I got the heroine into a pickle and I don’t know how to get her back out. The pickle was something I envisioned from the beginning (though in a different point in the story) and now I’m stuck. So I’m concentrating on How to Think Sideways Course from Holly Lisle.

Blog twice a week. I have to refill my Friday posts, as what I had scheduled are at an end. And Mondays I write as I think of things that interest me.

Go for a walk or to the park or something. We hung out outside in the yard for a while today and yesterday we went for two walks. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so we’ll probably head for the park for a bit.

Clean up the yard.  Working on it. Tomorrow I have plans to clean the house, because I’ve been slacking off.

Tweet blogs with mentions. Did a few today. Tuesdays are a difficult day to find good posts. I’m also trying to steer clear of posting too many writing focused blogs, which is difficult because the bulk of my focus is writing, the publishing industry, and social media related to writing and publishing. I don’t want to get niched into writing about writing and Tweeting about writing.

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