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Things I’m obessed with: I Found You by The Wanted

I know it’s pop. I know it’s a boy band. But I am in love with the song.

Alright confession. I love the video as well.

Totally hot when he kisses her and she’s totally into it and then he grabs the key, winks at her and takes off.

Also it makes me think of Gabriel, who is the hero of the book I am working on.

What can I say about Gabe? He’s self-assured, he’s sweet, he’s generous, but he has some moments of imperfection. He screwed it up with Shanna five years ago, and she’s not too willing to let him have a second try to break her heart.

I think if I watch this a few more times Nathan Sykes MAY invade my dreams. I’m attracted and repelled at the same time.


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Friday Fun: Cookie Monster wants you to share!


Last week was  my daughter’s favorite video, this week, my son’s.

Hey me just met you

And this is crazy!

I got video

Like it maybe?


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Don’t Call me Baby!!! Your friday video

I remember when Nick Carter’s little brother Aaron came out with an album.  I was never  Nick Carter fan, I always went for the bad boy, but Aaron Carter was such a sweetheart I bought the CD.

My daughter is a HUGE Carly Rae Jespen fan. But I think she might have a crush on this boy.

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