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Barney vs Christian

I have loved How I Met Your Mother since the first season. The first two seasons were great and then the writer’s strike hit and when it came back on, it just didn’t have the same oomph. I mean, I still watch it of course, but it’s lost it’s charm.

The show just really went a few seasons too long. But no matter how annoying Ted’s search for love or Marshall and Lily doing anything gets for viewers. We always have

Barney Stinson. Played by Dr. Doogie Howser, child M.D.  Neil Patrick Harris, who just seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Anyway, Barney’s job is shrouded in mystery. When asked what he does at work he replies “please” and whenever people show him at work, he isn’t actually doing anything work related.

See right there. Please.

Anyway, I was reading 50 Shades of Grey recap. And they mentioned something about Christian Grey’s business.

And I was all like “What business?” because he rarely does any work.  He texts and emails Ana a lot. He says he’s in meetings. But he rarely does anything? I mean don’t most multibillionaire, international business owners and CEOs travel pretty frequently? Instead in the three books he takes a few business calls and makes business decisions (buying companies) based on where his girlfriend works so he can further control her life.

Anyway, I’d rather marry Barney Stinson. We’d make it work Barney, I swear!

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The way back machine: What is the internet for? NSFW

the internet is for porn.

Old but still FUNNY AS HELL. You were warned!

The only bad things is that that’s now in my youtube history where my son spends far too much time, so now I have to go spend some time watching safe videos so this doesn’t show up tomorrow.

Star stalking and the death star canteen

First thing first. At least I’m not the only one who is obsessive. (Eddie Redmayne again) I made it to page 40 or so. I don`t know if I could live with the minutiae of my life being recorded, people constantly watching what I was doing. I pick my nose too much.

This is one of my favorite videos in the world. I first saw it on Smart  Bitches several years ago. Eddie Izzard, comedian, has a bit about the Death Star canteen illustrated with Lego stop motion video. (God I love stop motion, the amount of work one has to put in on those suckers).

Oh just watch it. NSFW- very strong language.

You need a tray, the food is HOT.

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Okay, I try not to be poltical

I mean on the blog I try not to be political. I’m Canadian so American politics are on my radar, what happens down there has effects on us. I have strong opinions, but this blog is not for me to talk about them. This is my fun place. My happy place.

But this video made me laugh hysterically. Someone took a lot of time to make this video.

oh there is an accompanying Obama one.


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Shock me, shock me, with that deviant behavior

Okay you might have been a slacker in the 90’s if you know where that quote comes from.

There are so many great quotes and scenes from that movie it’s really hard to pick one for this Friday’s fun. So I won’t. Let’s see how many I can embed.

Oh the movie is Empire Records by the way. My friends and I used to watch it nearly once a week. I haven’t seen it in several years but I can damn near quote the whole thing still. It’s the perfect movie. You know in You’ve Got Mail, Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan that The Godfather has all the answers to life. He was wrong, Empire Records does.

We’ve got philosophy:

We’ve got art interpretation, and some psychology:

Future planning and also police work and listening to your boss:

Corey shows us how to negotiate with your boss:

And last but not least (And I could go for much longer), work ethic. There are 8 employees, most of them teenagers, ALL of them except Mark, who may have eaten some special brownies, are in the back. Including the store manager Joe.

I  had five more I wanted to share, but they had nothing to do with morals they were just funny.

Okay last one. Some advertising and y’know DAMN THE MAN!

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If I ruled the world … #1


I have delusions of turning this into a semi-regular post. Which means I’ll set up about 4 of them and you’ll never see it again. But here we go …

If you’ve ever seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog there is a part where Dr. Horrible receives a letter from Bad Horse and 4 cowboys jump on screen and sing the letter. I’ll post it after so you can see it not just read my sad description.

Anyway, if I ruled the world I wouldn’t send letters or e-mails. I’d have minions dispatched to sing my messages.


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Friday Fun: Cookie Monster wants you to share!


Last week was  my daughter’s favorite video, this week, my son’s.

Hey me just met you

And this is crazy!

I got video

Like it maybe?


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Friday Fun: Moves Like Jagger cover

I love a dorky men. His range is amazing.

Skyrim theme and the amazing Peter Hollens

The theme for Skyrim was done by 3 different people 30 times. This version is one voice and one violin, it took 120 tracks.

Peter Hollens also has an a cappella version of just him doing the song which is AMAZING. Okay does it help that he’s pretty good looking.

And you can find the lyrics at this link:

Friday Fun: Cute twin baby dancing video

This week’s video comes to us via How to Be a Dad.