About Pleasures

wE live in a society obsessed with productivity. Anything not productive is often derided, insulted, and we call ourselves guilty for indulging in it.

eArly in 2017 I came across The Miracle Morning routine. Users skyrocketed their productivity by getting up early and spending ten minutes doing six things.

i’M not a morning person and what I love more than anything is laying in bed in the morning and daydreaming. I will hit the snooze button multiple times until I’m forced out of bed and not go back to sleep but daydream. (It helps that I write romantic fiction so I have a lot of daydream about).

i Tried to force myself to get and do the miracle morning. But laying in bed daydreaming is so much more pleasurable. So I decided in April 2017 to let myself lay in bed and daydream.

Then I came across this post from Vellum and Vinyl on Facebook pleasure

i Woke up early in May 2017 and thought “I need to start a blog talking about guilty pleasures.” And then I thought of the Tom Hiddleston quote:


tHis a blog about pleasure. Simple pleasures, complex ones, sexy ones, fun ones, but never guilty.


dIsclaimer: i Don’t have anything against productivity or morning routines. I love it. I’m an addict. But we need to balance it with pleasure. And I’m not a morning person. And I’m tired of trying to convince myself it’s useful.


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