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Finally on Barnes and Noble

After several weeks (months) when did I publish these things? Anyway

Love Can’t Wait

annnnnnnd it’s follow up

When Love Knocks

are up on Barnes and Noble.

Links? oh yes links. Only to the Barnes and Noble editions. They are also available on Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo.  But today we are pimping B&N.

Love Can’t Wait 

Amy Black is in the middle of divorcing her cheating ex-husband, when she meets Scott Jones. After a night together, she discovers he’s not only her ex’s team mate, but her brother’s best friend. She has no choice but to ask him for help when her husband drops their cat off at her no pets allowed building. When he gets hurt, he requests a favor from her. Before long, Amy is wondering if a move to Ontario is the next best move in her life.

When Love Knocks

Sophia Clark is just feeling normal after losing her husband in a car accident, when Doug Black knocks on her door. She hasn’t seen him in years and suspects his motives. She has no qualms letting him know she is not looking for a white knight. Her four children, however, have different ideas. And pretty soon they are trying to convince Sophia that Doug should stick around for the long-term.

Looking at the covers, When Love Knocks might need a professional job. I did both, but Love Can’t Wait turned 1000x better.

Oh well, they are finally up. I’m going to go celebrate with a drink. Of juice. It’s only 4:30 PM.

Okay I love you, bye bye.


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