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Self epublishing: the good and the bad

So my newest book featuring Amy Black (if you recall Doug Black from previous books, this is his younger sister) and Scott Jones. Amy is in the middle of a messy divorce from her professional hockey cheating bastard of a husband. She meets Scott Jones at the bar and they have a one night stand.

The following morning, Amy discovers he’s not her ex’s team mate, but her brother’s best friend. When she needs a favour to board her cat temporarily she turns to Scott. And when he gets injured, he asks her to pay in kind. Before long Amy is wondering if moving back to Ontario is in her best interest.

Before I get to the rambling and cover, I give you ze links. Smashwords:



It is a bit higher on Kobo because of my paranoia about Amazon price match, I set a bit higher price so I wouldn’t have an issue. If you want the 2.99 price go to Smashwords.

Everywhere else, I don’t know yet. Keep looking for it.


So the good is that I can now upload directly to Kobo and have it appear in 72 hours instead of sometimes a month or longer. Amazon takes 12 hours to approve.

The bad is, being Canadian, I still can’t upload to B&N. Which actually is my biggest source of sales. I got a review back from Smashwords premium catalogue and the cover wasn’t right, so I’m  hoping it’s good now and I can get approved ASAP. I’ve heard of people taking over a month. I think Complications over Coffee took ages. Anyway, I digress.

The delay with Smashwords to sony, apple, and Barnes and Noble, makes me wonder if I should send out a newsletter announcement right now or wait til it can be found more widely.

Really drives me crazy because I suspect I have a large percentage of my tiny email list who is B&N buyers, who will have to wait if they want a copy from said retailer. And then I have to rely on them remembering to download me. I dunno about you, but if someone tells me do something later, I forget.


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