My take on fan fiction

what Nick thinks about fan fictions xD

what Nick thinks about fan fictions xD (Photo credit: ♥//BrendaJonas)

I’m going through my 1000+ posts on Google reader that I got behind on over my vacation and then writing a new first draft to get these characters out of my head.

I know you all are thinking: Mark them read and move on to the new stuff.

Granted I’m skimming, but a few things have caught me my eye about fan fiction. My guilty pleasure is reading Dragon Age fan fic. Passive Guy had some comments from various authors back in July about how they feel about fan fiction. I found on, one fine day, that certain authors have requested users not be allowed to post their fan fiction.

On the other side, there are content creators who encourage and occasionally even spotlight Fan Fiction of their works.

I came across Colin Falconer’s post about where Shakespeare got his idea for Romeo and Juliet.

Basically, old man William wrote fan fiction. The poem he based his play on,  “The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet” by Arthur Brooke was written about 30 years prior, based on another piece of work written 30 years before that. I found an essay comparing Shakespeare’s version to Brooke’s version.

If Shakespeare had done this in modern times, there would have been an outcry. The characters were Brooke’s intellectual property, no wait, he would never have penned his poem because he stole it from someone else.

It started me thinking about how almost everything Disney has ever done has been derivative, excepting they used fairy tales whose origins went so far back no one knows where they first came from.

My most recent first draft was inspired by a piece of fan fiction. Of course, it doesn’t resemble the original work whatsoever. Other than a May-December type romance and a love triangle.  But I’ve read fiction that doesn’t resemble the orginal other than character names and maybe characterization.

I’m considering writing some fan fiction, but it is alternative universe. I could just as easily write it with other character names, give it an orginal title and cover and no one would be the wiser as to where it came from.

If anyone wants to write fan fiction using my characters, feel free. Just let me know where so I can squee about it.

What ‘s your opinion on fan fiction? Do characters belong to the creator? Have you ever been so inspired by characters or plot you didn’t want to the story to end?

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2 thoughts on “My take on fan fiction

  1. I would consider it a huge compliment if someone wrote fanfic based on my books! Hopefully it wouldn’t be like The Worst. Fanfic. Ever. Which I endured listening to while I was on vacation (and blogged about afterward to many LOLs).

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