Best friends: Aman

So, I think I have thanked her in most of my acknowledgement pages in my novels. If I haven’t, she should have been. She was the first one to read Second Chance Romance and tell me I was not crazy and that I should share it with others.

She’s beta read every piece of fiction I’ve released so far and a few I haven’t. Well maybe just one I haven’t. She’s also helped me with titles and covers. Every writer should have such a champion.

We’ve known each other FOREVER. At least Kindergarten, perhaps before through various quite complicated things. We grew up in a small town together. Her aunt was my mom’s best friend as a teenager.

It was at her birthday party that I had my first cigarette. I did not start smoking because every damn year I had a cold and I couldn’t tolerate any smoke. Well that and my mother would have killed me. Another birthday may have been the first time I drank, but my parents were much more lenient when it came to drinking. (I have other stories with other friends).

She knows a lot of my secrets. And I know hers. Some of hers. Most of hers? I’m not sure. I’ve never counted.

We’ve had our ups and downs, but we still get together as often as possible. She only lives 7 blocks away. Though she’s very busy being a career woman and at the beginning of a new relationship with a very sweet guy. (He wrote on her Facebook that she was the beginning of his happily every after, or something like that. I KNOW right?).

So chicky, I love you. Thanks for being there for me. I’ll try not to be too jealous of you when you are in Italy.


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