Every time I fall a little more in love with ….

Seth Green/Joker.

My husband loved the whole Mass Effect thing (until I made him play Skyrim and now I don’t get to play Skyrim and he is ahead of me in levels).

Seth Green was a big part of my high school movie watching career. We used to drive up to the city, about 45 minutes, at least once a month for 2 years to see a movie.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Austin Powers (my mom loved Austin Powers so I saw it a lot this wasn’t a theatre movie however)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I didn’t see a lot of episodes, but I remember Oz).

So when I found out Seth Green was in Mass Effect I squeed. He’s not really an romance option, but he should be. Which is probably good, because Shepard would break him due to his brittle bones. Plus he has a thing for the artificial intelligence EDI.

Either way, Seth Green is always funny. And sweet and sexy.


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