Dominated Love Slave

I’m thinking about writing a sometimes column about BDSM, bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, because I’ve always been interested in the practice. I have a mostly vanilla husband who isn’t the dominate type, and I’d prefer to be a submissive in the bedroom. Not that I”m unahppy with our sex life (in case he’s reading this sometime).

Anyway, an authoritative man is a fantasy for a lot of women. Actually, an authoritative partner is a fantasy for a lot of people in general. It seems a lot of people want to be told what to do.  That’s my bias, I don’t know if there are a lot of other people who want to be the ones telling others what to do, I think most people tend to do that in their lives so in the bedroom they want to surrender. Added to our often repressed sexuality in the industrialized culture, maybe just “America”, I haven’t interviewed a lot of Europeans.

Because 50 Shades has made erotica cool, I’m sure there are a lot of people searching for information. And then there is the whole canning/caning debacle.

But the whole idea made me think of a track on Green Day’s very first album, Kerplunk. It’s actually sung by their drummer, Tre Cool.


I remember laughing hysterically when I first heard this, but it’s not as funny as his other song:

Ah me and every romance hero I’ve come across this week. “You and me had/such wonderful times/when I’m all by myself.”


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2 thoughts on “Dominated Love Slave

  1. “…I don’t know if there are a lot of other people who want to be the ones telling others what to do…”
    Actually, it’s about 50-50 — and you’d probably be surprised at who falls into which side of the game! Absolutely no way to make any kind of generalizations, either. Which way one prefers is totally a function of their internal workings. :)

  2. I totally think you should do a sometimes BDSM post. Especially if you have fun songs/visuals to go with the posts. I’d bet there are people out there more interested in this than are willing to admit it.

    Once again, for those who didn’t pay attention to your first post… canning is something done to tomatoes with a steamer and cans, caning is something done to your bum with a cane. ;) Big difference.

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