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When Love Knocks Cover Release (image heavy)

I finally finally finished my cover for When Love Knocks. I posted a link to the orginal image on Facebook and Twitter yesterday with the teaser line: Sophia, widow with four children, is determined not to let Doug into her life, her children have other ideas.

Here’s a big longer line: Sophia has been a widow for a year, trying to find her equilibrium again with four young children. Doug Black fell in love at first sight with Sophia now that she’s single and he’s moved close by, he can’t help knocking on her door. Will Sophia let go of her past and let him in?

Okay but who cares about that? Let’s see the cover(s). If you click on the covers you can see the larger versions.

Covers? Well, there were some false starts and then some goofing around.

My first cover was this, but my daughter said the font was too thin (i lost the version with black writing).


I liked this next one but my daughter said it was too creepy.

And the ubiquitous sparkly “Twilight” version.
twilight Doug

Creepy eyes man: not sure what filter I used in Gimp for this one.
and last the Cover I will probably be using unless I get more writer’s block and start messing around in Gimp some more:

I will be pin this on my Pinterest account. It will be updated with links when the book is available. I just sent my editor an email with a nudge as I’d like to get it live before I leave for vacation.

The cover photo was created using stock photography with a licence from dreamstime
it is © Markus Gann |

I’ve never used royalty free photo before so I pray I’m attributing it all properly. The photos within Flickr are only available via this blog post.

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2 responses to “When Love Knocks Cover Release (image heavy)

  1. Louise Behiel July 4, 2012 at 7:44 am

    isn’t cover development fun? I have no skills so work with a cover artist but this is great.

    • asraidevin July 6, 2012 at 11:53 pm

      I am working with a cover artist for some previous stuff. Becuase I am not happy with past efforts. but I am too stubborn after spending 8 hours working on this cover, not to use it.

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