Bouncing back from burn out

I’ve been feeling pretty tense latley about a lot of things. My inability to stick with a project for more than a few chapters. My bank statments. The edits on my newest book and also thinking about getting the previous ones done up properly. And having a two year old and a nine year old is exhausting. More so on the two year old side.

Plus I feel like we just moved and it’s been nearly a year!!

I was journalling and I wrote:

I am consantly spinning my wheels, doing busy work. I’ve lost my joy these past few months. I’m always trying to get ahead, to survive. Thereis no joy. I run around trying to keep everyone else happy and I indulge in escapsist crap trying to survive. No more escaping. More joy, more things that fill my Spirit.

I was pretty depressed when I started writing. But then i decided to do something about the lack of joy. I wrote down a bunch of things that sounded interesting to me. Things I was going to start doing more frequently and things I was going to stop doing.

I decided one thing, one day or week or hour at a time. So I’m going to make it a series. Dealing with burnout and my attempts to cope and eventually get my creative mojo back.

One thing,

one day at a time.

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11 thoughts on “Bouncing back from burn out

  1. Oh, Asrai, I can so relate to how you’re feeling. We just moved in January and I still have boxes to unpack and a million things to do to get settled in our new apartment. We lost our house (5 bedrooms) so have downsized and still have way too much stuff. I’m babysitting my grandbaby full time now (he’ll be 10 months tomorrow), and he brings me tons of joy, but I’m drained by the time I get home, so I don’t get much done in the evenings. I, too, feel overwhelmed with everything. Am so behind in my writing and editing, just like you, and struggling to keep up with the social media. I’m reluctant to even check my emails lately, just not wanting to even get online.

    But like you, I’ve found that if I take it one bit at a time, some days are much better than others, and it takes time to get settled into a new place even after a year when you’re taking care of two kids plus keeping up with your writing. Be gentle with yourself. You’ll get your mojo back. Me, too!

    • Lynn glad to know I’m not alone, but wishing that we weren’t here. Toddlers/babies/children who don’t go to school are huge energy drains. The move last year is definitely part of it, after 5 years at our last place, we had a nice routine. And going through a sudden downsize is a huge change as well. We upsized and we still have too much! I’m very attached to my stuff.

      Hopefully summer will bring things back. I read a book this week about supplements to take when you are feeling drained it was called “The Female Brain Gone Insane” and I’m going to try to take some of the things she recommends (mainly B-vitamins and 5-HTP).

  2. Hurray for “things to stop doing”! That’s been ex-treeeem-ly helpful in *my* quest to Get Back To Joy.

    Big Hugs to you (and to you, too, Lynn!) ~ K

  3. Asrai, I am going through the same mental stuff with my writing vs. my family. I am the matriarch of a big family with unhealthy parents and I find myself hiding away in the corner to avoid drama but it seems to find me. I, too, have decided that I need to take one day at a time. So, yeah I understand you completely. I think I need a walk with nature, take a hike somewhere, it always seems to help. What about you? :)

    • I miss nature walks. We moved last year to an industrial city on the prairies, just large enough to be a city. We have no nature! We have no public transportation infastructure! We have to drive to the store, there is little within walking distance for my 2 year old. And it’s rained almost every day this month!

      I’ll have to head out of the city sometime soon and convene with nature.

  4. I’m sorry you’re feeling burnt out. It must be that season, seems like quite a few writers are going through it. Maybe you need to pause on your current project and do things you love doing, even if only for just a few days. After my conference, I was feeling a bit deflated about things, so I hacked and slashed at demons in a video game for a solid week, waiting for my mind to finish its marinating. Give yourself some time to recuperate. Do things you like, whether going for walks, drawing, baking, video gaming–whatever it is, let your mind rest. You’ll get through this and you’ll be a better writer for it.

    • LOL. Video games are sucking up a lot of my time. I’m starting on some new supplements as I mentioned in another comment. Also I hit lesson 13 in How to Think Sideways and it’s about falling in love with your WIP and fixing problems and I think I figured out where I’ve gone wrong with things. It needs a total rewrite, but my characters had things far too easy. torturing someone else should help.

  5. I hope you get your joy/mojo back soon. It’s no fun to be in a dark place without any hope of finding the light. I’ve been there. I can’t really remember what got me out, but I’m sure writing had a lot to do with it. And talking with my husband. And long walks. Oh, who knows? I’m just happy I’m out and can find joy in the little things now. Hugs to you and your joy.

    Sometimes when the WIP is giving me fits, I’ll rewrite several scenes from another POV. It’s loads of fun and I’ve often scrapped the first version to go with the new POV. Or, I’ll make up games for my characters to play, like Scrabble or Monopoly. It’s interesting to see how each character would approach the game, gives me insight into their thoughts and motivations. Of course, my kids and husband think I’m nuts, but whatever. I kind of am. I’m a writer.

  6. I’m late to this post, Asrai, but I’m so glad I stopped by. You’ve outlined my situation accurately even though the situation is different. I’ve been trudging along with the stuff we learned from Kristen but just can’t do it. I’m tired all the time, there’s little joy in my life and I’m always at my computer – just not getting much writing done. so i’ve decided to take a bit of time off, a staycation if you will, catch up on my writing and zone out from social media that i’m generating. altogether, I feel like a weight has dropped off my shoulders. I’ll see how it goes this week when i’m off work. thanks again

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