Once upon a time i lived in a little farming community. Before the oilfield got big the only place to gain a full time job was the pig barn. Where I would meet my future husband.

Oh yes. He worked in breeding. I delivered and cared for the babies and mommies and then separated them probably way too early. It was actually horrible eleven years later.

If I had a scanner I’d add some pig pictures here from the barn as there were some really cute piglets. It really depended on the semen we had and once for about 2 or 3 rooms (we had 12 rooms and 24 pigs per room or something like that) we had the cutest piglets. One that was like an oreo, black on both ends and pink the middle. There are more stories, but I won’t bore you because we need to get on the with the pig video.


If this doesn’t make you go AWWW, you might want to check for a heartbeat.

Any usual workplace stories out there? Anyone a pig fan? Any requests for more pig barn stories? Yeah I know I was stretching with that last question.

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5 thoughts on “OMG: PIG!!

  1. Okay, yeah Hamlet is pretty darn cute. At first I was like, OMG! I need a pig! But he’s kind of squeaky, isn’t he? Do they always make so much noise? Are they fun to cuddle with? I kind of still want one…

    So, I think you win for the interesting work place. Mine have all been super boring. Pig semen. Yep, you win. ;)

  2. You officially just made my afternoon. :) I love pigs! A friend of mine has a therapy pig. The sweet thing is helping her recover from some emotional trauma, and I can see how. Amazing.

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