Who’s your hero?

I’ve fallen in love. With a character.

I have to confess, and if you’ve been around here before  you’ll know, I am obsessed with the Dragon Age storyworld. Both Origins and Two (which they should have given a name, not just a number). The world building,, characters and plot choices just touch me.

And given the amount of Fan Fiction for Dragon Age on fanfiction.net, I’m not the only one. But anyway, I found this story, well collection, involving the main character from DA:2, and Seneschal Bran in a angsty, drama filled romance, which some pretty hot scenes. Nearly forgot to add the link to the first part of the story. I haven`t indulged in adding any Fan Fic to the site. Yet.

Anyway, I was pondering this morning why I love Bran in this story so much and why some heroes touch us more than others.

He loves his heroine in spite of, and sometimes because of her flaws. They also drive him crazy and he sometimes argues with her about things, so it’s not all flowers and roses. But, he loves her no matter what, and that’s the kind of thing we’d all like.

Not only does he love her flaws, he encourages her to accept herself for who she is.  He knows her better than she knows herself. But he’s not going to tell her, he’s going to slowly work on her and bring her to the light, and he’s willing to be very patient about it.

And once he’s done convincing her she’s awesome, he seduces her. With really hot sex, a little domination and occasional S&M.

He`s not all good either though. He does use some underhanded tactics to get her to follow his will. And he does on occasion use excessive force to get the truth from her.

These are the types of characters I want to create. The type that readers wind up obsessed with. The type of characters other writers wish they had written.

Which characters have you fallen in love with?

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2 thoughts on “Who’s your hero?

  1. Arrrgh! I’ve heard so much about this game and I really wanted to play it, but I get motion sickness playing. The characters sound like so much fun. What character did I wish I wrote? Gosh, I don’t know. I’ve fallen in love with many of my own characters (duh!), and some from other books, but since I can’t think of any now, it must’ve just been lust. ;)

    • Oh I hear you on the motion sickness Tameri. I watch the map instead of the screen most of the time to compensate. I limit my game time and with enough playtime it lessens. The story and characters are amazing. Love love love.

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