Keep calm, stay in straight lines

My books have been up for sale for a while now. At the beginning I was checking my sales every two minutes. refresh, refresh, refresh. Like a monkey on caffeine with access to one button.

Now I check once in a while. Checking obsessively doesn’t make me sell more books. They are selling, slowly. People e-mail about them, which excites me “when’s the next one coming out?” That makes me happy. Five, seven, fifteen books sold today? Eh, big deal.  Selling books is a long term thing for me, I’m slowly building numbers. Connections get me excited. You liked my book? I want to be your best friend and stalk you. Okay I’ll try not to, but I can get stalkerish with people who say nice things about me or who write well.

Anyway, I don’t get excited about slow days in sales, sale dips. I am always slightly amused by people who do. You can’t control it, why obsess? Write your next book, it is the best marketing there is.

Pirating is another thing I don’t obsess about. I am watching a discussion about DRM ri.ght now. I have far too many other things to worry about in my life than if someone pirates my book, go ahead pirate my book. Pirating happens because someone lacks respect or lacks money.  For the former, it’s not a lost sale, they probably wouldn’t have paid anyway.  For the latter,  they might pass me onto a friend, leave a review or buy my books someday in the future.

I had the brief thought, “If they had only asked me I would have sent them a free copy.” I never believe people when they say that.

Back to the DRM discussion. I feel the author’s panic coming through the words. I’m always drawn to this type of drama. Like it’s feeding me. Worry about not enough, worry that the universe won’t provide. if she just trusted, if she just knew.

I was impatient last week. I wanted to have my books selling thousands of copies per month, I wanted to have my little real estate empire started, I wanted to hurry time. And I worried that we’d never get there, that the universe wouldn’t provide.

I’m calmer now realizing that we’ll get there. Eventually. That the universe will provide. That there is enough. And that worry doesn’t not prevent that which we worry about. In fact, what you focus on, you get more of.

So everyone Keep calm, stay on course and trust in the universe. Abundance is your right and it is coming. If you let it. Waiting is the hardest part of manifesting. But everything takes time to birth, it takes time to go from seed to fruit, from idea to novel, from the beginning of your journey to where you want to be.

Why in the world can’t I type because properly when I’m typing faster than 30 wpm? Why why why? becuase always like that. Spell check is my friend.

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4 thoughts on “Keep calm, stay in straight lines

  1. You’ve been reading my mind, Asrai. There’s very little that gets me going. Pirating? Oh well. DRM? Oh well. Freebie days not working so well? Amazon will come up with something else because they want us to sell books. Life is good.

  2. I can so relate. It’s great to have two books out there, but my sales are nowhere near what I’d like them to be. It gets really discouraging when you’re on a mailing list with people who are selling dozens, or even hundreds, of books a day. I have to keep telling myself that it’s a long-haul thing, and that those people’s results are not typical. DRM sucks, plain and simple. It doesn’t stop piracy, and is just a pain for the legitimate buyer. Piracy sucks too, but trying to stop it is like trying to empty the ocean with a slotted spoon. I have too many other things to do – like get another book written. Great post!

    • Exactly. I get so jealous, not in I don’t want them to be successful way, but in I want to be successful too. We’ll get there as well, we just have to take the scenic route.

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