Go big or go home

And when you dream, dream big
As big as the ocean blue
‘Cause when you dream it might come true
When you dream, dream big

— Ryan Shupe `Dream Big`

A lot of people are afraid to dream BIG. It is kinda scary.

But would you rather get a part of your dream or would you rather wonder if you might have made it?

I once heard Michael Neil say on his radio show that people who go for what they want get more than those who strive for what they think they can get.

The Creative Penn posted a quote from Julia Cameron:

A great deal of the time we dismiss our longings on the grounds that they aren’t reasonable – and often they aren’t. Where did we get the idea that life was intended to be reasonable? … We have very little evidence that sensible and frugal are actually qualities cherished by the Great Creator … Most of us have a dream that we could set sail if only we dared … Rather than act on these dreams, we often shoo them from our consciousness, saying ‘I need to be sensible. I would never be able to manage that.’ But perhaps we can manage more than we think.”

I had an oh yeah moment from reading that post.

When I was in high school I wanted to marry Bryan White. He didn`t marry until after I got together with my husband. Coincidence? I think not. Sorry Bryan White, I couldn`t get to Nashville to find you.

My current dreams: pay our bills from my writing, well this has been a dream of mine since forever. I want to pay our bills so my husband can go back to school. I`m working on it.

Travel. Well few people don`t want to travel.

Have rental properties or flip houses. I love construction. I love making and painting and tearing stuff out.

Visit the Bioware offices. I am not that far from Edmonton … just saying. I`ll twitter then and see if they can make it happen. If they want to offer me a job … well who’s to say …

Be a money coach. I love to tell people what to do and I love dealing with budgets and money.

My new dream is have a do it yourself show that i`d like to see on DIY network, where it`s real DIY. And then get famous and have them produce me. That`s my new one, which I tweeted about awhile back.

I kind of have ADD so I jump around from topic to topic, when I get bored. The only thing that really sticks is writing. But you never know what I`ll be up to tomorrow.

Oh and last one. Pay my children`s college education wholly. I think college debt is a huge problem for many many people. So I want to pay for them to do what they want to do, whenever they figure that out. I`m not a fan of going to college right out of high school, it may not be what is best. Nor do they have to go to college, if they want a trade or something else I don’t even know about I will support their dreams.

What are your big dreams?

Bonus video of the song I quoted at the start.

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3 thoughts on “Go big or go home

  1. Great post, Asrai. i am in recovery from being reasonable and am working on dreaming big. My blog has helped in this process but i’m not there yet. thanks for a post I can mark as a favorite.

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