Interspiration #06022012: Tipsy edition

Hopefully this all works out, I`m having a couple coolers while I try to get this all worked up. haha.

The language of parents.

May in Norway

Modern romance. via @_SamanthaWaren

Music of our youth

Your obligation is to create opportunities for others.

My kid said what?

To swear or not to swear on-line. I swear, for emphasis or to remeber I am more than a mommy.

Genreality tackles romantic stucture

Finding time to write when you have no time.

@SSchroeder_ shares her Friday Favorites. Lots of good links

Guilty(?) pleasures: Little Big Planet

Can GMOs help fight world hunger? Not really.

creativity as a form of magic

creativity as a form of magic


Oh cool. Queen Victioria’s journals. I did a report on her in grade 10.


On strong female characters. RT @JessicaMerizan: Dear@ruckawriter – I am now your biggest fan :)


A very interesting article about Pinterest. Is the Pinterest problem a problem? Or an opportunity? #myWana



I have a table I need to paint, but this is a little much work for me. Going to look for more inspiration. #DIYreno


I can do it all


Half an ass does you no good. via @EmmaBurcart


3 ways to avoid letting time get away from you. I’m so bad for this.


When you don’t feel like being awesome, Barney is awesome for you. Don’t let that happen. You should be awesome.


Write with an open heart. Beautiful piece.


Credit card fast, call to action. Stop lenders from using credit scores against us.


When you hit the writing wall.


Six enemies of greatness and happiness. Ohh good list.


Never give up on your dream. Or laugh at the dreams of others. via@KristyKJames



Create hundreds of ideas at will.


Upcycled wall art. I have some empty walls …


Do we need standards in ebook formats?


Empowerment begins with a single realization.


Time is the key. Motivation and discipline are the tools. great post from @barrycrowther


Confess your writing sins I of course am perfect, so nothing to confess. :)


Need to end an discussion? Get the super mega period. It’s over.


on @MelindaVan s to don’t list. Good list.


Story tracker for changes, editing and consistency.


How to get a yes from people you adore.


These are neat. RT @GuyKawasaki: Popular songs made into minimalist pictogram posters


Treat your personal heroes like peers.


Do you want only ignorant clients? RT @gordonwarnock: If an agent asks for information, don’t question what we do to earn our percentage.


My favorite piece of advice from this week on Twitter, which I won`t attribute and who never replied to my question

Protip: If an agent asks for information, don’t argue or question what we do to earn our percentage. It won’t convince us to sign you.

I asked if he preferred clients who were ignorant about what they were paying him for? Got that people, DO NOT ASK your agent what they will do to earn their pay. They prefer you to remain ignorant about their goings ons, because of course they are the experts and you should not worry your pretty head about it. I have no idea why there is such a backlash against agents …  okay moving on …


Shame or good for her Kate wears the same dress twice in 11 days?


is perfectionism ruining your career?


What makes a best friend?




Dog walk mediation via @PrudenceMacLeod


Til death do us part? what’s your view on divorce? why so prevalent? via @KristyKJames


Sex sells should young adults buy into it? via@Diana_Murdock



Conversations with the Muse #Wana1011


Laxidasical blogging. Welcome back@RchelFunkHeller


Huh Vin Diesal has a motorhome the size of my house. we live in 1200 sqf.


Felt scrap rug. Okay that looks like a lot of work.


No one gives you power.


What holds you down can lift you up.


How to write your truth even in public.


Neat idea DIY summer camps.


Too much candy gonna rot your soul


A few tips for avoiding writer’s block.


10 great things about babies.



Alright I’m falling over a little and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. So have a really great weekend. This may the bacardi talking, but I am not happy with the way the interspriation looks in preview. I may have to spring for a thingie.

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