I can do it all

I have found my leader.

Emilie Wapnick, multi potentialite.

A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life.

— from Putty-Like terminology page

Uh, yeah hi, me.

I wrote a few weeks ago about having trouble choosing a niche, which every successful blogger says is necessary. Turns out, maybe not.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across the idea, something  Emilie (I love referencing people as if I know them personally) admits in her free download “The ‘Undeclared for Life’ Manifesto: A Plan of Attack for the Person with Many Interests and Creative Pursuits in Life “

Barbara Sher is one of the first places. In many of her books she encourages people to list everything they are interested in and then find time to fit those into their lives. Whether or not they are your job, you may feel unfulfilled if you don’t try everything. She has an entire book on what she calls Scanners, Refuse to Choose.

Carol Adrienne talks about life purpose in her book “The Purpose of Your Life” but not in a “this is the job you are supposed to do” way. She talks about purpose on the more general level, creating, teaching, communicating the possibilities are endless. And she also has a long history of working more “menial” jobs to support her life and fitting the passions around the edges.

And Justine Musk wrote about this in late May 2012, when she talked about combining some of your deep interests or passions, even interests that are totally unrelated, and creating something entirely world-changing.

Like spirituality and money.

Like sex and spirituality (tantra).

Like all the things in my life connecting to Motherhood.

There are some common threads. And I don’t have to pick one thing. I can do it all. As long as it’s high concept.

Do you have a niche or are you trying to do it all?

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5 thoughts on “I can do it all

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  2. Multi-Potentialite – wow, that’s a mouthful – and a brain-full, too :)
    The trick is to release the idea that we can “do it all” all at the same time!!
    I’m leaning toward “Metamorphosist”, myself… (blatantly borrowed from Joel D Canfield, who also could be called a multi-potentialite – http://joeldcanfield.com/)
    – both because I’m constantly changing, growing and evolving, and because *one* of my purposes is to help other folks realize their own Change, Growth and Evolution.
    Thanks for asking :)

  3. Hi, Asrai! LTNS…sorry! I’ve been struggling with some insomnia issues and haven’t had much energy to devote to anything (except wishing I could get some decent sleep, lol).

    I LOVE this post! No, I do NOT have a niche…and I don’t plan on trying to find one. Maybe niches within my interests, but to narrow it down to one? Can’t do it. To date I’ve written mostly romance novels. But then there is the historical romance, and then the historical fiction. Hopefully by early next year I’ll be able to start on a YA fantasy series.

    My blog is about as focused as my writing subjects, and I intend to keep it that way. After the workshop last year, I really did try, but coming up with subjects limited to one topic week after week was pretty much impossible after a month.

    Maybe I have adult onset ADD (kidding…not sure there is such a thing), but I have varied interests and they’re always going to come out in my writing. If I had to choose just ONE thing, I’d quickly become bored and likely give up.

    Glad I’m not alone in that. Going to check out that download now. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • “Maybe I have adult onset ADD (kidding…not sure there is such a thing)”
      ~ don’t know about “adult-onset”, but fersure: “adult-diagnosis” or “-recognition” (I prefer NOT to claim the scary-label-BoxMeIn thing, myself). Lots of info and conversation out there about how to make sense of the way *your* brain works, compared to so-called-normal.
      In “How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson” Liz Franklin called us Sparkle-Brains, and I love that tag!

      Bright Blessings ~ Karen

  4. if you look at my resume you’ll see we are sisters…LOL from accountant to therapist to facilitator to manager of interpretation for the health care organization in Alberta. yep, that would be me. my blog seems to have slipped into the therapy piece but that’s okay – I like that and there’s always something for me to learn there. that seems to be my criteria – What can I learn?

    I had my crafts stage (pottery, crocheting, knitting, and painting); I had my volunteer stage (on every kind of committee imaginable) I had my public service time and I’ve had my student phase (3 degrees in 14 years while raising 3 kids etc etc) well it goes on and on and on. if I’m curious, i’m there. nice to know i’m in such good company

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