Guilty(?) pleasures: Little Big Planet

I dunno if this one even counts as guilty or pleasure. I referenced the hit game in last week`s post with a video embedded of a song within the game.

In the game you control your totally customizable Sackperson and you make them run, jump and swing around different levels, much like Super  Mario, except with more problem solving. Each obstacles is a lesson in timing, judgment, physics, and frustration patience.

In each level you collect different items to customize your Sackperson or you pick up stickers. Some stickers open hidden or locked stickers. Some stickers are just for decorating. Some of the obstacles are multi-player, so you need a second or sometimes 3rd or 4th person to complete.

The music is great as well. I posted last week my favorite song. Here is another one, totally catchy, not much to the lyrics, I guess he didn`t want to forget them.

Now stay off my patch and I won`t have to bring you down!

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