Songs you can’t understand

I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who enjoy listening to music they cannot understand. Be it Celtic, French, Indian, Spanish or another of the many languages.

I first heard this song on Little Big Planet, which in itself is a post.  The song is in Spanish. It’s a pretty catchy little tune. Here is a link to the lyrics and a translation of the lyrics into English.

It always drive me crazy when these types of songs get stuck in my head, I cannot walk around singing them, because I don`t know the actual words. Yet I can hear them.

Are there songs you enjoy that  you cannot understand the words to? What do you do when it gets stuck in your head?

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3 thoughts on “Songs you can’t understand

  1. Ah, Little Big Planet. How many hours did I spend watching my son and his friends make worlds… way too many. The song sounds different here, which is making my mind ache since I had the LBP song embedded in my psyche for years. It’s like I’m listening to it while intoxicated, but I’m not. Strange!

    I have a blogging friend who is totally into Korean music and I’ve downloaded a few of the songs ~ I have no idea what they’re singing about but I love the music. They get stuck in my head all day and I’m sure I butcher the words when I try to sing them out loud. Oh, well!

    • Oh dear! LOL

      We’ve never made a world, or well I haven’t. My daughter may have. We are stuck at this horrible spiining part that gives us both motion sickness.

      The song does sound a little different than the game version.

      I’ve never listened to any Korean music. For a while my daughter was crazy about listening tot he Numa Numa song (Dragostea din tei) but the literal versions where English speakers would make videos of pictures they thought they heard.

      have a great weekend Tami.

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