Abandoned all hope #Row80 Checkin

I’ve fallen off the wagon. sort of.

In doing this How to think Sideways, I’ve had to stop my work in progress stuff, because I want to apply all my lessons to what I”m writing. So for the time being, I’m just letting it go, taking the stuff I was working on that wasn’t working and applying lessons to it.

So I”m letting go of my word count goal. As long as I’m doing something creative and writerly every day, that’s the important thing right now.

Blogging twice a week. Doing it. Pondering niche vs not, at least for Mondays. It was motivation, but that’s not really the thing I love. what I love to ponder is money. How to save, how to spend, how to invest, how to budget. I would love to be a money coach, something like Gail Vaz-Oxlade does on Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess. It’s in the back of my mind right now.

And my last goal was to get outside. Spent the entire day yesterday and will do it again today outside. We pulled the old deck off yesterday and now will spend the next two days rebuilding. Has to be done by Monday evening as hubby returns to work on Tuesday. My shoulder and back are sore this morning.

But, we’ve been walking to school and then Sunshine Boy, our 2 year old, and I go play for a while outside. Sometimes in the yard, sometimes at a park. The other day we found a hill. We’ve also been going to the playground while my Big Girl is at Karate. Except the wind here is so freaking brutal All The Time.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, because Everyone deserves love no matter what your situation. I get to eat out tonight. But today will be semi-brutal. Trying to keep track of children and help build a deck. And other things.

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3 thoughts on “Abandoned all hope #Row80 Checkin

  1. I was sitting on the deck this morning, totally grateful to my son and son in law for building it last summer. what a wonderful addition to my home. sounds like you’re on track to have some pleasant summer days outside as well. holly’s course is so intensive and so wonderful you need the time to do it. and it will be better for your writing in the long run, so changing course sounds like a good idea.

    • That’s what is so great about ROW, You can change anytime you want.

      Sounds like you a wonderful deck and memories from it being built as well. We have to enjoy the summer days while they are here.

  2. You two are lucky that you have decks (or that you will again soon, Asrai). They way my house is built, the best I could hope for is a patio…it’s just a matter of motivating people who don’t want one as much as I do. :)

    Sounds like you have a good plan, Asrai. I stopped doing the Row80, even though it was an awesome motivator. I just couldn’t do everything I need to do and visit the blogs of all the participants.

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