Guilty Pleasures: 1Bruce1

Okay, I read every Sweet Valley High book my tiny library had. And I loved them all. I always thought Elizabeth should kick Todd to the curb. No reason, he was just kind of a pussy.

I started “blogging” on Livejournal. Remember livejournal? It’s like the playground of blogging, except it’s all about you. Anyway, despite the disuse of livejournal, I love reading the community 1Bruce1.

Remember Bruce Patman’s Porsche had the licence plate 1Bruce1? Awesome!

The community is full of recaps of the Sweet Valley books.

Like this recap of my favorite Sweet Valley High Mega-book, The Wakefields of Sweet Valley.

she thinks sadly to herself, “She was going home, but her heart would stay here. Buried with Jaques. Forever.”

1949. Marjorie is getting married to some guy called Charles Robertson. Heh. You know, that’s the second time in this book that the ghost-writer has used the joke of a girl vowing to never love again and then cutting quickly to the next chapter where she’s getting married to her new boyfriend. And yet it amused me just as much the second time as it did the first.

I remember being horrified when Regina Morrow overdosed on cocaine after Bruce broke her heart. Man, how tragic the teen years are.

Liz, ever the tattle-tale, calls Nicholas and tells him that Regina is going to be at a party with drugs. Drugs! Nicolas says he’s going to go over there and bring her home. Away from the drugs! He rushes out without his wallet and gets caught speeding. The cops bring him into the station. Jesus. For once the Sweet Valley cops actually do something and it’s to stop Nicolas Morrow from saving his sister’s life. What a crack force they have there.

Okay, not that dying from drugs is good, but seriously, well I took the whole drugs are bad seriously. To this day. Nothing to do with family issues. AT all. Now that you’ve learned your lesson this Friday, go and read some fun Sweet Valley Recaps. Or tell me which series  you’d like to see recapped.

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