Rich people suck

Rich people are easy to hate. We love to watch them on TV a la “Real Housewives”, the Bachelor, every reality show with a celebrity and every entertainment “news” show, like TMZ or E! Now.

We can watch these rich people who have the most screwed up lives you could imagine. And we can say “man, I’m glad I’m not rich, because being rich makes you have a messed up life. I’d rather be just making it and be a normal person, without all that drama going on around me. I make good life choices. And I’m a nice person. Rich people are not nice people.

When you set yourself thoughts about rich people, you have an internal number that makes people rich. An annual salary it is okay to make, a net worth it is okay to possess.

You set limits on your own prosperity with your thoughts.

It’s not just the money we set limits on. We set limits on our happiness. When we reach our internal limit of good things, we create something bad, we pick a fight or get careless and cause injury so we can bring ourself down to a place where we feel safe and happy. Gay and Kathy Hendrick’s call it the Upper Limit Problem.

When you run into the upper limit problem, you can let yourself bring your success down a few notches until you feel balanced again. Or you can fight it.

You look at what is behind your feelings and thoughts. Where did they start? Who gave you the idea? In this case, who gave you the idea that rich people suck? Parents and early experiences are often where our beliefs about the big stuff, money, relationships and work come from. According to the Hendricks, whose work I recommend you read if you are interested in digging further, anyway, according to Gay and Kathy, all our relationships are reflections of our early experiences. We actually behave in ways that get the world around us to make us feel like we did when we were four, because it’s safe there, we know how to feel and act there.

I know, it’s a little radical. Who wants to feel like they are four or five or ten again? But I have found it is very true. Just when we start go get ahead and feel like we are saving money, work slows down and hours are cut for a while and we have to spend our savings to pay bills.

The last part of the rich people suck is, choose differently. You can the first person to make a ton of money and not use it to avoid paying taxes you. You can pay your taxes and laugh at them. You can spend some of it sponsoring programs in Third World Countries. You can start a scholarship for things you wish there were a scholarship for. You can do whatever you want with your money. You can let it empower you. You can be an example.

What are you going to choose to do?

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5 thoughts on “Rich people suck

  1. It goes along with the 4- or 5-year-old’s concept of fairness – many people resent others who get “more” than they have, especially when they didn’t work for it (think Paris Hilton). Rather than lash out or say rich people suck (which is also a tremendous generalization), your suggestion to choose differently is much more constructive. Of course, “rich” is subjective too. Great post!

  2. Asrai, this is in part what i’m referring to today about success. these ideas are set very early on. 4 seems reasonable. I know that rich is more than i make, regardless of how much I make LOL. I’ve hit that ceiling and bounced back to nothing once in my life. Now my ceiling is higher than it’s ever been, but I won’t know what it is until I get close to it. ditto for book sales. and blogging views and so many other things. my new mantra is “why not me?” which is so much more open than “It won’t happen to me.”

    thanks for a great post. keep them coming.

  3. I can’t wait untill money becomes worthless.
    Then you evil rich bastards will finally fall.
    Your ownings will become targets.
    Your slave protectors will become your masters.
    It’s going to be wonderfull.

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