Interspiration #4282012

Well, I don’t know if I’ll get an interspiration out next week. My MIL will be here for 4 days, so I am doubting I will get a lot done except shopping with her and my sister-in-law and cooking. We only got 5 days notice.

How @SusieLindau became a mass murderer.

Late night #Row80 Checkin

Finding meaning in the mess via @ColeenPatrick

Social networks as represented by drugs.

Consumers upset and confused over ebook prices via@PassiveVoiceBlg Good comments on this one.

Make a mint tin garden. Too cute


Getting the title right.

Positive doesn’t mean perfect

A debate about nothing. Can there be nothing?

Nothing wrong with standing your ground after you’ve set a boundary.

What is underneath your definition of success?!/asrai/status/194658782045929472

NICE! RT @Kymele: Something the amazing Lena Corazon posted during the #row80 sprint…. *swoons*<

Are people meaner online? Some people are. In general, no.

Remembering how lucky we are to be here.

My name is Asrai and I am an imposter. I just did some of these an hour ago when some freinds asked what I wrote.

Do you get the feeling that he was told about 50 Shades of Gray 2 minutes before he went on camera?

writing more damn fine words

Wait and see what shakes out. RT @janellemadigan: What’s your take? DOJ suit and Amazon e-book prices @CNNMoney<

State of the Web spring 2012 Gotta keep on top of these things.

This is my fave day. Day 5 of Creative Genius Challenge with@DanielleLaPorte!/asrai/status/195249325511684096

This is too much work for me. How to write your book with Scrivener and Evernote. I have yet to find a plotting method

106 powerful quotes to inspire your writing.

This was tweeted yesterday as I munched on lunch. a cookie. I might need a post on healthy snacks. @AugstMcLaughlin

Character studies

Mason Jar Salad. I’m the only one here who eats salad so it always goes bad this might work via @Jenn_L_Oliver

50 Shades recap and Ian Somerholder wants to be Chrsitian Gray *gag* The recap will make you snort your beverage Warned

So bad it’s good. For me Twilight and Transporter movies.

That’s my spot! Is there app for Killer Geese? @jenmariepowell Geese are evil, stay as far away as possible.

from @thecreativepenn Traditional and self-publishing are not mutually exclusive

How true. Kris Rusch: One phone call from our knees.

Very interesting. The evolution of giving birth. and interviews with a labor and delivery nurse from in the 1960’s.

Oh this is adorable. Facebook embed link.<

Snow/sleeting outside so sunshine boy and I are watching dog and baby vidoes on youtube.

On love “I’m cynical about love”. Thoughts? (my thoughts: she’s putting too much pressure on a feeling and not enjoying the moment).!/asrai/status/195936378121494528

saw the sign that he really loved me. He looked at me right through the TV. via @coleenpatrick Oh the boys I have loved.

have to make this! DIY fabric tape!! My daughter says, of course you do.

3.5 steps to lasting personal change via @LouiseBehiel Taking notes on that.

Book spine poems. via @JulieFHedlun!/SeanPlatt/status/195936361113587712

Have a career plan as a writer

Fan fic of fan fiction

1,000 best romance novels of all time. Not a big fan of classics or lists of subjective taste. Thoughts?

Never underestimate joy. I went through feeling this way a couple months ago.

The antidote to consumerism is art! I’m a big fan of organized clutter, like overflowing bookshelves or cupboards, it’s more real to me, more lived in.

Going pro as a writer?

marble countertop alternatives. Saw a couple do a concrete countertop on their own. So doing THAT.


3 thoughts on “Interspiration #4282012

  1. Wow, thanks for all these links, Asrai. I don’t know how you find the time to put all this together!

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