Fan fic of fan fiction

So, it’s fairly well known that Fifty Shades of Gray was fan fiction of Twilight.

Long ago when Twilight reached the peak of it’s popularity, I was turned to a hilarious recap of Twilight by a former Mormon. And this blogger was certain that Edward was based on everything taught about Joseph Smith.

Every time SMeyers would write about Edward, I would just boggle. She was drawing from everything we Mormons were taught about Good Ol’ Joe – he was handsome, shockingly so, he could draw you in with just his presence, let alone when he spoke, down to his freaking nose and hair color. HI THERE CREEPY AUTHOR WANTING TO BONE YOUR PROPHET. (I have no problem with bible slash, etc. Just… I don’t think she knows she’s doing it.)

So if Twilight really is fan fic of the Mormon Religion, what exactly does that make Fifty Shades of Gray?

And for a hilarious read through of the above blog post by Sage of QN, one of my favorite podcasts click here.

Either way you look at it, sometimes poking fun at things is great fun. I love Twilight, I love everything about it, especially what makes it so bad. It’s just so great.

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