writing more damn fine words

It’s the same old story. I’ve loved writing since I was a child. I’ve loved story telling before I could even write, I would tape myself during the afternoons when my mom napped with my little brother. Parenting aside, writing is a necessity in my life.  It is the way I give back to myself, and the way I connect to the world at large. A day without writing doesn’t feel like a complete day.

I planned to get to bed on time tonight, but as I climbed into bed my laptop called to me. I had to put some words where there were none before. I had to order them so they told a story that no one had heard before. A story that might excite some people, it might bore others, whatever the readers feel I hope it will inspire some emotion.

But, you cannot inspire a reader with emotion if your writing is not polished. I can tell a good story, but the lack of polish to it scares people away. And my lack of confidence in my own writing makes me hesitant to even show anyone my work, even though I have hit that “self-publish button”. It was premature, I have learned a lot in the past 6 months of writing. This course would be like time travelling forward to meet the writer I long to become.

I am attempting to clear the clutter in my life, and I thought about selling some items that would bring a small amount of cash into the household. As my husband is the only one working while I stay at home with our children, any extra cash helps. But preparing and marketing these items for purchase would take a significant amount of time out of my life. Time that could be better spent reading up on craft, or writing. The return on investment for time spent writing will hopefully pay off and I can support the family and free up my husband to return to school.

Better writing skills would give me the confidence to approach people with my freelance writing ideas. It would allow me to start my own business and work for myself, and be at home with my children. I would start small and work my way up, as the children grow and gain independence, I can show them Mom has the ability to follow her dreams.

Working for myself is in my blood. My dad owned his own auto body shop for about 20 years. He’s never been a rich man, but he enjoyed his work and we never wanted for anything growing up. I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps and open up shop. The more I look into it, the more freelancing seems like the best idea, writing comes naturally, but I don’t think my writing is at the professional level.

Better writing skills would improve my fiction and allow me to charge more for the stories I have for sale on Kindle. It has been a while since I published anything new, and I have learned much in the time I first hit “publish” and the present moment. I realized that I wasn’t really ready to hit that publish button quite yet. While I can tell a dream up a good story, the actual telling of the story could be better, the mechanics, the descriptions.

Better writing skills would help me find my voice. Readers who have been following this blog since last November about, when i took a course on blogging for writers from Kristen Lamb, have watched me struggle with writing on various topics. I’ve jumped around a lot, trying to find what works for me and what doesn’t. And so far I have found a lot of what doesn’t work.

Better skills at writing copy would make my book blurbs better. In fiction selling, writing a good blurb, with a hook and enough plot to intrigue the reader, is what sells books.

Reading the description of the Damn Fine Words course, it reminds me of admonishment to practice your craft to obtain precision. But practicing with guidance will get you no results, you can write for 10,000 hours but if no one gives you feedback, it doesn’t matter how much time you put in, you’ll never gain precision. I read a lot of books on the craft of writing, and take courses when I can.

Finally, the scholarship will save me $1599 and many months of saving, letting me start my writing business that much sooner. Becuase to obtain my goals, my dreams, this course would sky rocket my skills as writer forward. And with my meager flexible income, it will take me a considerable amount of time to save up money for the next course. And that is time wasted, time I could be spending growing my new business.

For my readers, this is my entry into the Damn Fine Words writing contest, where 2 lucky people will be gain free access to James Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words 10 week writing course. I want in so badly I can taste it. James Chartrand is owner of Men with Pens blog.

If you are interested in the contest you can check it out on the Men with Pens blog. Or if you are just interested in the course it’s at http://damnfinewords.com

Now I’m going to follow the last of the steps. Publish article, leave comment at men with pens with link and then pat myself on the back. And then go to bed, far later than planned, but with some writing under my belt. It’s going to be a long wait until the winners are notified. I shall be on edge the rest of the month. Thanks James Chartrand. I remain hopeful.


2 thoughts on “writing more damn fine words

  1. Good luck. I agree it’s a fine balance between ‘write more’ and write better. I quit writing for a long time because i wasn’t selling and more writing was not going to make me a better writer – I had to figure out what was wrong and fix that.

    again, good luck on the contest. love your entry.

  2. Good luck on the scholarship! You’re ahead of many writer already simply in knowing where you need to work on your craft.

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