I was sitting on our deck not too long ago watching the kids play in the backyard. There was no winter storm that day (as I write this, there is one happening right now). I was staring at the big tree in the corner of the yard.

From 2012-03-19

You can see where the branches have been cut off. On most of the cut off branches, a new branch has started growing. A big Fuck You from the tree for those who tried in the past to control the tree.  Trees cannot be controlled, they will remain after we have moved on to other houses and to other worlds.

Really, trees are awesome. First they are the epitome of rooted in the ground, but reaching for the sky.

Trees, while rooted firmly, for the most part are very yielding to nature. Their branches bend when wind passes through them and unless under heavy duress, they do not break.

Tees are giving. They give us shade, they give us oxygen, they give us wood, they give us places to climb and explore and places to build tree houses. They give us inspiration.

Trees are cyclical, but without dying out. Much like women bleed without dying every month, trees lose their leaves without dying in the fall, they spend the winter in sleep, resting until Spring when they can explode with colour and leaves and  some sort of fruit or seed bearing item.

Trees are patient. If you look at tree rings they are so tightly compacted that their growth each year is minimal, yet they do it without tiring, without complaining, just slowly plodding along toward their goals. They accept winter as inevitable and shed their leaves, and take their rest.

Are there any more reasons you can think of about why trees are so awesome?

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One thought on “Trees

  1. Trees are awesome (as in, awe-inspiring), in that if they do break, they can break houses, cars, and more along with the limbs! Hope you’re riding out the storm OK and no trees break anything of yours. :)

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