twitter conversations with Zoe Winters

So Zoe Winters started it. It was not me, I swear.!/zoewinters/status/191042506027319296

I retweeted it, becuase it was funny and she replied with!/zoewinters/status/191213456156917761

There is a lot of issues that surround the highly intelligent and highly creative

She is pretty successful and a great writer, so I’d call that brilliant. And she has the good taste to write romance.  The crazy part well …!/asrai/status/191390307466756096

I have long admired Zoe Winters. If you have no idea who she is check out her blog.


3 thoughts on “twitter conversations with Zoe Winters

  1. LOL Zoe is funny for sure! I love her blog, and her book Save My Soul was one of the best books I’ve read recently!

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