Interspiration #4142012

Confidence vs shyness. This is one of the most important and inspirational things I’ve read this year. I get caught up in the too much thinking thing.

Confidence means being in the moment and acting with intention, not distracted by second thoughts or in your head.

I’m going to write that on notes and post them all over my house!!

Black hole zones in cribs, car seats and strollers.

Home staging: bathrooms. I have found staging gives you the house you wished for, but never had because you couldn’t let go of your clutter. I need to declutter more.

Ramit Sethi is giving away $1,001 dollars as a social experiment. If you sign up via the link I get an extra chance at winning. What would I do with the $1000? hire an editor.

You had me at “game time”

Praise and proverbial carrot. Why endless praise of our children isn’t the answer …

DIY painted glass tumblers. So cool

A New Career Possibility? Made me giggle. via@KristyKJames

Want more happiness? Focus on experiences. Another really good piece, definitely the best i’ve read this month.

19 things to say to your children.

I love this. Create your own “stones” and tiles. I think I shall be ordering some of this someday.

What NOT to do when decluttering.

You are fantastic! And other notes to self.

Oh dear! These people will make you feel like the best parent in the world. via @Angela_Peart

Beautiful outdoor rock rugs. Next house.

Does lemon-aid drink mix clean your dishwasher?

Kakorrhaphiophobia. Do you suffer from this? How to become successful: be likeable, be approachable, be patient via @andrewmocete

#row80 check in, more sadness

5 ways to build a happier family. From positive parents blog.

Pretty Girl syndrome? from @justinemusk Really good thoughts.

via @PassiveVoiceBlg . 25 reasons to hate your main character.

Caine’s Arcade via @PassiveVoiceBlg Watch it all. Long but worth it.

10 awesome kitchen tricks

American Pie Reunion Review. Can’t wait to see this.

Putting readers in the driver’s seat #Wana1011

Admitting faults

 The web expands to fill all boredom.
RT @justinemusk: equal pay repealed in wisconsin b/c $ “more important for men”. tell me again we don’t need feminism
Love this story. RT @KristyKJames: Remember When, Part 1

A conversation with savant Daniel Tammet. The way his mind works is so fascinating.

Synesthesia, something Tammet mentions,  is something I actually experience. Mainly with numbers, particularly numbers 2-6, have a personality. Even numbers are feminine and odd are male.  2 and 3 are in love, 4 loves 3 and is always trying to find ways to get rid of 2. 5 loves 4, but for whatever reason follows 4 around and helps in her crazy schemes to get rid of 2. 6 defies the rule and is male, and is a neutral party, trying to get 4 to abandon her quest. Numbers above this have some personality, but it’s not as distinct to me as those. 1 is a male child with no distinctive personality.

I feel like I’m crazy confessing this. Numbers are just abstract representation. I recall doing math in grade 3 and see these dynamics play out on the page. I knew that it wasn’t normal so I never told anyone.

People with autism often also have synthesia, as well people with synthesia are often involved in creative work. (from the Wikipedia article).


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