Interspiration #472012

Happy birthday to my little brother. He doesn’t read this blog, but I thought I’d throw it out there.

@jakonrath is a cruel man. All this time I spent believing his rhetoric about self-pubbing and success.

This could be fun (email sign-up required). Creative Day Spa. I’m giving it a try.

@PassiveVoiceBlg Loved this article about why Amazon sucks Scroll down to Lee Allard’s comment. “Turn the sheep around” Cannot stop giggling. This was the single best thing I read this week.

I dont know how to even comment. Love is the most powerful force we can wield.

Tropes and Discworld. guest post on @_SamanthaWarren

6 of the stragest fashion statments to be seen. via @colin_falconer

Telltale signs you need a break via @SusieLindau

Of Dr. Horrible and 8-bit simulations

Want to go viral? Make it about the reader. From@storyfix #Wana1011

A study in blogging voice. You know that undefinable voice of a writer. via @justinemusk Now going to add these to RSS

He’s got better moves that Jagger anyway. Nerdy guy at dance audition surprises! via @_SamanthaWarren

I know this is so last month but I died laughing when I read it. via @NatalieHartford

Get rid of not good enough thinking. She’s gorgeous!! And brilliant. #Wana1011 #Row80

Little pub in England called “The Hobbit” is being told to change it’s name.

RT @thecreativepenn: The Lost History of Fifty Shades of Grey via@GalleyCat

Thanks to @DianeCapri @jenmariepowell and @SSchroeder_ for helping me clarify my thoughts about HEA in comments.

50 ways to nudge your lover, women’s edition. via@howtobeadad

Your dreams are tremendously powerful via @ABCcreativity

Another reason life is better online from @susan_bischoff Cinderblock planters. Awesome idea. via@AptTherapy

 Are you doing things that make you happy?
I’m thinking this on a big piece of butcher paper on the wall and then drawing all over it. #wannabeplotter #pantser
7 reminders you should have in your space (made into pretty art).

Just spell checked this post. I need to do a better job of proofing my tweets before I hit send.
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2 thoughts on “Interspiration #472012

  1. there are some awesome links here, Asrai. i especially love the visual of story structure. i’ve printed it out and will be using it as i edit my next book.

    • Thanks Louise. I love the Story Fix blog, sometimes I get lost reading the archives, so much great advice.

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