Interspiration #3312012

Expectations low, visions high.

Advice for first time authors about writing a series. From @PrudenceMacLeod

Tips for watching TV in bed without disturbing your partner.

Another look at pinterest’s TOS. Or “What should you pin?”

How to set up your own ebook store from @DavidGaughran Answers some of my questions. I still have some RE: Canada.

Wolverine vs Drover. Which Jackman do you prefer?

When dad gets to swoop in and save the day. I love when that happens.

Warnings signs you’ve pushed too hard.

Which Hemsworth brother is hotter? I vote Chris.

Still stuck on your about page? Here’s 5 cheats. I think I’ll go for 1 and 2.:) New bio coming soon.

#Row80 Round 2 is open for you to declare your intentions to join us. Goal setting is always better with community.

There are two groups looking for happiness, those who believe there is an equation for it and those who make their own.

Everyone around poor Pat is an overacheiver. She’s inviting you to brag as well. Go ahead brag just a little.

Love this daily truth bomb: Approach everything as a creative opportunity.

Weekend guests? Sleeping on an airmatress? Some tips to make it a little more comfortable.

Save money and time with a default grocery list.

Cookies and creamcheese cupcakes. Okay I thought I wanted these but I don’t like creamcheese in dessert. I need SWEET.

Despite changes Pinterest still violates DMCA.

STOP THE MADNESS. No more author vs pub, indie vs trad. Via @bob_mayer

Quitting money? Could you quit it? I like the romantic version of it. reality is, I like my crap.

But it really isn’t my fault!! From @_SamanthaWarren I’ve used that a time or two myself, trying to quit the habit.

Loved this post!! RT @CJohnsonWriter: Creating the Perfect Time Management Soufflé via @KristenLambTX

the art of getting creatively unstuck. from @justinemusk


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