One last #row80 check in

The last week or ten days has felt like a year. From finding out about my cousin’s passing to the funeral to snow storms and my husband going to help my mother and husband pack their house, so much has occurred. I also skidded into a snow bank with the truck. Note to self: it does not have anti-lock breaks.

So Row80 Round one Look back:

Writing: I had the goal to finish edits on two books, have some betas done and look at hiring an editor. I finished the edits and did betas for book one. I also had some editors look at it for sample edits. The news was bad news. The book wasn’t up to par.

I was FRUSTRATED. One very sweet editor worried she’d hurt my feelings with her comments. Bless her heart. I’m not hurt, I’d rather hear the truth, but the book is broken. It’s not the book I wanted to write. I don’t hate the book but i dont’ like it either.

I have written this book 4!!! Times. Four times. I have to drop the characters, move on with life. No more rewriting, no more writing, no more, no more. I do have to re-examine the last Up In Flames book and look at my sample edits and get this book out. I love this book. I cried tears for it.

Those who followed me this round, know that after I finished editing I was trying to plot. And I discovered that I cannot plot. I just don’t think like that.  Reading “Save the Cat” is on my to do list, it’s supposed to teach you how to plot. But i find that my way is equally valid. I call it reverse plotting, I summarize the scenes when everything is written, I stick them in a plot form, I move things around so they make sense, I fill in any missing holes in the plot and then I move on to edits.

I think going outside a few times a week was one of my goals. I failed miserably. i don’t do outside in winter if i can help it. I’d rather play video games. bad mom.

Exercising: yeah, so fell off the wagon on this again. As soon as it’s warm out, I’m going to go walking a few times a week and head to the park once a week during karate. And who knows what else? My SIL is trying to get me to join the gym with her. It’s on her end of the city (small city but I have to drag sunshine boy all the way across town). I  have no desire to go to the gym with her.

Meal plan: mostly.

read one book, watch one movie. Been reading some, I have three books on the go. Not so much with watching movies. I’ll keep trying.

So I didn’t do all that well on my Row Goals, but  I did figure some things out about myself. And I have some new goals in mind for myself for next round. Looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “One last #row80 check in

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of Life hit you recently. That’s rough. So, is finding out about your story. Sometimes that’s what you gotta do. Maybe several years down the road and much writing on other stories, you’ll suddenly realize what needs to be done to revive it. Juliette Wade had a story she’d trunked for a long while. She worked on other things, even a short story set on the same world. And now she’s finishing up that story she trunked all those years ago, because she figured out the approach it needed. So, grieve that you have to leave it for now. But it might not be forever.

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to go outside in winter. I’m spending more time outside now that it’s getting warm and even voluntarily walking to the school bus stop instead of driving. (quarter mile long driveway, not a fun walk in winter) Best wishes to you on the next Round.

  2. Wow, Asrai, you have a million things going on in your life. I’m so sorry about your cousin’s passing. And it sounds like it’s time to put that ms away and move on to your next book. One day you might want to go back and look at it again, give it another chance. I’d stay inside, too, and drink lots of hot chocolate with all that snow outside! Take care of yourself. Hope you have a good weekend.

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