The pain was beautiful

The pain was beautiful.

It was borne out of love. Borne out of us wishing for one more smile, one more laugh. Borne out of us wanting to fulfill the wish her life was, to fill the hole her death left us with.

How can she be gone? How can we say goodbye?

How do you make sense of something that has no reason?

Have you lost someone too young?

(regularly scheduled Asrai may return with mischief next week)


4 thoughts on “The pain was beautiful

    • My teenage cousin was in a car crash. She was the only occupant, heading for college. Far too young and far too beautiful.

      • Oh I’m so sorry! It’s so hard when they’re that young. I lost a cousin to a car crash about six years ago. Twenty-nine, father of five, on his way home from work. You will always miss her but it will get easier. For me, even after all this time, all I have to do is think of his name and I can see his face…and his smile…clear as a bell. I hope it’s always there like that…and I hope that you can have that same comfort, too.

        • That’s so sad. Sorry for your loss, no matter the time frame I think it always feels a bit raw. Thank you for your condolences.

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