Writing Romance

I have loved love every since I can recall. As a child, pre-teen and teenager I was obsessed with wondering what falling in love felt like. How would I know if I fell in love, dying to fall in love. There were seven girls in my class so we labelled ourselves with the seven deadly sins, and I got lust, even though I never dated in high school and remained a virgin far later than everyone else.

During school we would come across the question on occasion “What do you think about when you fall asleep?” and I would make something up about planning my next day.

Truthfully, I made up romance stories. I was always the heroine and I was always victimized, really badly beat up by whomever was my nemesis that week. And then when I returned to school, my crush du jour would be there, helping me out and generally being nice to me.

Then New Kids on the Block came out and I was _in love_ with Jordan Knight.

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So that was my new romance. I would get to tour with them and eventually he’d propose.

I was too young for anything physical beyond kissing. But we always eventually had children.

Then the NKOTB went away and there are some blurry years of who I was interested in. Older boys at school, some younger boys (my younger brother played hockey and there were 3 brothers, one was my brother’s age, one mine and one much older and I had a crush on all three at various points).

So yes, love has always been my first love. Hockey is a close second. I think I wrote sometime ago about having a crush for several years on a hockey player named Corey, which is why I named Corey Porter such. Porter was not his last name. I did use his last name elsewhere. He doesn’t play hockey anymore. I think he still lives where I live, so I fear running into him someday. LOL.

I wrote once, many years ago, and I loved the quote so much I remembered it “I never wanted an extraordinary life, I only wanted extraordinary loves.”

I didn’t date during high school. I grew up in a town of about 400 people, there were sixteen in my graduating class. It’s hard to date in those circumstances, but harder when you are extremely shy and extremely odd. I moved away for a while, and then back, which is when I met my husband. I was working at the grocery store (because that was the only job available) and he came in and I thought “He’s handsome. Hey, he doesn’t know me, I wonder if …” a month or two later, I went to work where he worked, the pig barn.

That’s about as romantic as it sounds. I’ll go into those gory details another time. But we eventually had some time alone one day (you don’t want to know why it was really gross) but he sort of invited me over for a movie and then to sleep there. And, well, being that I had never dated and still being somewhat shy, I didn’t learn about NO very well, so we didn’t know each other very well (or long) before I got pregnant. Which could have been TERRIBLE, but I got very lucky and picked the right man and we’ve been together ten years now and we finally got married almost three years ago. And now we have a very wonderful nine year old daughter and a somewhat destructive two year old, who will get passed his willful stage and become wonderful again.

I still love to daydream about romance, so I’ve tried to turn that into a career, because the fantasy men characters will not leave me alone. So I go and pair them off with their perfect woman, so they will leave me alone and I can have some alone time with the man I choose to stay with and who stays with me.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Romance

  1. Aww…I’m glad you and your husband are getting the happily ever after you dreamed about for so long. You were just waiting for the right guy. And I think that I, along with most every other woman on the planet…spent our teen years doing exactly what you did. Heck it’s still a favorite pastime of mine. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Pine, Kiefer Sutherland….the list goes on and on. It never stops being a fun way to spend the time before you drift off to sleep. :)

    • I’ve traded it off to imagining I”m in my work in progress as the heroine, being swept off her feet.

  2. You found your prince charming in the pig barn! I love love love that. My husband is the most amazing guy I know, but romance is not in his lexicon. That’s why we have our characters. Right now I’m so in love with my hero and he’s the perfect guy (except for when he sleeps with someone not the heroine). Still, I have such a crush on him… and you know what? When I’m done writing, my husband is totally my hero and he’d never cheat on me.

    • If you can find someone attractive in a pig barn … lol.

      Isn’t it nice to have a husband who is just really great? Makes life easier.

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