Interspiration #3102012

I’m doubting I’ll have a lot of links this week. It was spring break and my daughter was home, which means she hogs the computer all day. So instead of booting her off, I feed my Dragon Age addiction. I know it’s tiresome to hear about, but I don’t get out a lot and I write about the rest of my life on other days.

Research made me do it. Haha

Feeling out of focus? Some tips for clarity.

Bloody monday got you down as well? Sending @AMhairiSimpson all my good thoughts and karma. :)  and an update:

Every superhero needs a villian. Hubby’s corner (with mentions of my hero Mike Holmes).

If we aren’t failing we aren’t doing anything interesting. LOVE IT. @KristenLambTX

99 ways to simplify with kids!
Frozen Dead Guy Days?  I don`t know whether I`m amused or creeped out.
The people you meet on Facebook.
Emotion and conflict? Does romance need an antagonist? I think the characters are each other`s antagonists.
Do your efforts stand out or blend in?
A website all for gardening. I finally get a garden this year. It`s already dug up and everything. I`m so excited I want to read the first book mentioned.
Dear Facebook, enough with the changes already.
On Funny guys. Love the quote.

Tell everyone why you are awesome too!

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