Late night #Row80 Check-in

All right.

Editing: I had planned to get back to editing today, I want to do a final proof read, but then I got distracted by considering if I should hire an editor or not and looking at which has really reasonable prices for editing. I am happy with the story, I just want someone to look for typos etc. I’ve never worked with one before because I didn’t have the money to spend on that.

Basically meaning I didn’t trust my work to stand up, now that my un-professionally edited stuff is doing okay, I feel like I need to step up my game some.

So I have to get my revenue out of Smashwords which I’ve been putting off because of the PITA factor of getting ITIN, but I’m hoping my EIN will be enough, so I had to track down someone with a printer to print off my W8BEN form to send to Smashwords. But the printer is in the living room, the post office is open tomorrow so I shall get those things done and then I have to send off some samples to some editors and see what I can do about getting quotes and see their work.

If it goes well, I might go back and get my other stuff edited. Maybe.

Part of keeps thinking, screw the editor, just release the rest of THIS series without one and hire editors for the next round.

If anyone has a recommendation of someone they’ve worked with drop me a comment. I think I lean toward a copy editor/proof reader rather than the full story going through the ringer. I’m happy with the story, I lack on the typing bits.

Writing: still going strong on my WIP. I ran into a road block where I thought I was running out of plot, but then I figured out the middle conflicting bits more or less. So I want to focus my entire life on writing this story, my family and Dragon Age: Origins (in that order). But there is more to life then writing for me who is a mom, wife etc first and writer second. Plus this blog demands attention I have 2 posts set up for March so far.

Exercising: I think I got in 2 work outs last week. Plus we did a few evenings of Just Dance, so that counts as work out time as well.

House: it’s coming. I’m reorganizing some things. By Saturday and Sunday I want nothing to do with housework so come Monday it’s a disaster, which is where I am at right now. Monday is my big cleaning day.

In other news, I deleted my boards from Pinterest. Their terms of use were too much for me to agree to. Basically any “Member Content” which I believe includes pinning content from blogs, other websites and repins, are subject to copyright for Pinterest’s parent company, Cold Brew Labs. I don’t feel like I can give copyright to images I don’t own to someone else. I don’t even know how that’s possible. What’s more, if their is a lawsuit and you are named, you are reasonable for your own legal costs but Pinterest’s legal costs as well.

Be very careful of what you pin.

Secondly, I don’t want anyone to give copyright of things I own to someone else, even for limited use. I don’t want to pin my own stuff because of these terms of service. I still have my account because I love the usability and so many people are still on there so i can use it for inspiration and fodder and all that good stuff. The usability is so much higher than any other social bookmarking website, it’s killing me not to hit that repin button.

I’ve been reading through comments on blogs about this and trying to sort out if there is actually a problem or not. Like all things lawyer-y, there is a lot of ambiguity to it. I’ll watch and wait for now and keep checking out everyone else’s pins. I’m on Delicious for social bookmarking right now, it’s not as FUN as Pinterest, but it works.

More reading on this topic here:


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