Adventures in Flooring

We were in Totem (which is like Home Depot) looking for some kitchen cabinet handles and we stumbled across the most beautiful flooring, but it was pretty pricey and we are still recovering from the move. So we left it, but when we went back to buy the rest of the handles the floor had gone on sale. So, it made its way into our Big Orange Truck.

Here is the old floor.

From House

Here is the hubby cutting the new floor

From 2012-02-20

Putting in the new floor: (I did help I just had to take the pictures so none are of me doing anything).

From 2012-02-20

The floor in, not the best shot of it:

From 2012-02-20

And the finished product close-up.

From 2012-02-20
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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Flooring

  1. Oh I love your floor, Asrai! Looks like you and hubby make a good team…and you have experience, too, so you want to come do that in my house please? I really would like to replace the tile with hardwood and that’s very nice!

    Looks like you’re moving right along in your remodeling. Reminds me of growing up. My dad LOVED to remodel houses so much it sometimes felt like he would finish one and buy another so he could start all over again. :)

  2. You and your husband are too darn cute! Can I just say, dang girl! Way to go on scoring the deal and putting the floor in yourself. That’s awesome (and something I could never do. Put the flooring in, I’m really good at scoring deals). Congrats and it looks beautiful!

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