Meditation for those who can’t settle down

I feel like my mind is spinning of late. And also like there is a buzzing in my ears. I’m worried about a thousand things, I’m trying to be a mom to the family, trying to connect on social media… you get the picture. You’re busy too so I won’t take up too much time whining about MY life.

I know the benefits of meditation would really help me hear, but I can’t focus my mind and I can’t sit still. So I started looking up alternatives to meditation or helpful hints for people like me, who can’t focus or sit still.

1) Flowdreaming. I found Flowdreaming when Hay House Radio first started and had free archives. Summer McStravick who created this technique with her mother, was the producer of Hay House.

Flowdreaming falls under the positive thinking, new age type stuff. Y’know the stuff “The Secret” made popular. I know there are tons of people who skeptical, and I’m not going to say you can just think your way into success, you have to do some legwork. But I don’t think postive thinking hurts. So if you’re not a believer, skip to the next thing.

Flowdreaming is a visualization technique where you connect to the underlying energy that connects everything that is. And you can affect the universe at large with your mind.

I have never practised it with any regularity, so i can’t attest to it working. but it is calming and it does lift my mood when I do engage. You can read more about Flowdreaming on Summer’s website: She also has a free weekly internet radio show, which I beleive takes caller questions and she usually does a guided flowdream each week.

2) Movement meditation. Like tai chi or some simple repetitive movement. Walking works as well.

3) Meditation with sound. Like white noise or rain or a river flowing. I love the rainfall sounds.

4) Visit an inner healing sanctuary. I once had this book on spiritual healing with crystals and the like, but the one thing that has always stuck with me is the creation of an inner healing sanctuary. It can be a bath tub, whirlpool, the ocean, a waterfall, laying in the sun. The only requirement is that negative energy has some way of leaving your sanctuary. Mine is an island, over the years it’s become quite elaborate.

5) Mantra meditation. You repeat a mantra over over in your head. It can be as simple as one word, love or peace. A sentence that inspires. Or an entire poem, as in the Rosary for Catholics, or The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi are popular ones. Another one is saying the word “Om” or”aum” in a long drawn out way. “Om” according to Hindu tradition, the purest name of God.

6) Craft Meditation. Crocheting or knitting, if the pattern is fairly simple, are extremely meditative. Sewing can also be, especially if you are doing it by hand. Colouring is also very soothing.

Do you meditate? What practice works for you? How did you find the patience to get past the initial discomfort?

Or are you like me? You want to meditate, but you can’t get past the initial discomfort so you give up? Or you just can’t stick with even the most basic practice?


6 thoughts on “Meditation for those who can’t settle down

  1. I don’t meditate on a regular basis, but I do think it helps. I am certain that the negative thoughts we all have in greater or lesser amounts are detrimental. I’m working on clearing my mind of all the stuff that’s been whirling around in there, meditation may be just what I need. Thanks for the reminder

  2. I love movement meditation and I’m going to engage in some later today. A walk, mostly cause I’ve been putting it off. But I also enjoy prayer for the same reasons. I can connect with a higher power that gives me peace and understanding about the things going on in my life. In the end it is just another form of meditation, but it is the one I like best. :D

  3. This is great, Asrai. I love meditation, but rarely do it. I usually pull it out of the bag of tricks when my thoughts are so scattered and I can’t focus. After two or three days, I’m able to think coherently again. Love it! :)

  4. I believe in the power of meditation and positive thinking. But, yes, you must do the legwork as well. You can’t just think and believe things into being. I love this Asrai. Thank you for sharing.

    • I totally totally agree. I don’t really know if positive thinking makes one bit of difference,I like to think it does, but no matter what, it makes me feel better. I have written on this in the past, though I don’t think it was on this blog. Future post.

  5. Great suggestions Asrai! With all the things that have been going on I forgot about meditation. LOL! Seriously, it works. And it’s good to do several times during the day. It would probably help us as writers to regain clarity in our mind and let loose our creative side of our brains. And never doubt that positive thinking is a healer too. Keep putting positive thoughts in your brain and you will be a healthier person. Thank you for posting this Asrai! :)

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