#Row80 Checkin For Sunday. Perfectionsim sucks

Writing: I`m not sticking to a word count, but I am writing. Mostly, everyone who commented last Wednesday was right, it was a combination ADD and (mostly) perfectionism. I was trying to plot and it turns out:

I don`t plot. I am a pantser.

That is the way it is and I will not fight my nature. I plot after I write and then fill in any holes, it works, it`s worked for several books so far.

Blogging: so far so good. Writing things in advance, blogging several times a week.

Exercise: totally fallen off the wagon. Will have to reset this now that I`m back in the writing saddle.

House: I cleaned the bathroom, the laundry area, my son`s room (he co-sleeps so his room became a dumping ground) and the playroom this week. And still managed to spend far too much time on Pinterest. Maker I love that site. So much pretty.

I also only played a few hours of Dragon Ages II. Sadly my plan to romance (seduce) everyone on the game possible did not go as planned. I made rivals out of Merril and Fenris so they would not sleep with me. I got Isabella (she`ll sleep with anything) and Anders (who moved 2 minutes after he got out of my bed).

I`m missing Alistair so I`ll be back to Origins soon I`m sure and scouring the web for FanFic and the release date of DA3.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “#Row80 Checkin For Sunday. Perfectionsim sucks

  1. I finished Skyward Sword! I’m so happy… in other news I got two job offers and hit the 1/3 mark for my novel hopefully. Glad the writing prompt helped you out the other night. It brings me joy to know you are writing again. Keep it up!

    • Oh two job offers, the plot thickens! LOL. Congrats on the finish and the offer. You definitely did help me out the other night. My creativity is flowing again.

  2. Asrai, you are so funny. So you’re a pantser are you? I think you’re in good company. Don’t sweat it girl. It’s all good. Whatever floats your boat. You got some work done and played a little. Sounds balanced to me. Have a great week Asrai! :)

    • Thanks Karen. IT was a pretty good week. Culminating in a floor adventure becuase my husband is a spoiled brat when he wants something. Hope your weekend is peaceful and recharging. :)

  3. We just can’t fight our panster style, can we. :) I always try to plan, too, but then end up changing things anyway. Or I keep planning and planning and planning, and never write because the planning just keep going on forever.

    And I just signed up for Pinterest today, Asrai. It looked awesome and I can’t wait to have some fun.

    Wishing you a great week!

    • Pinterest is a drug! I could spend hours looking at pretty things and projects.

      You gotta work sometime! Throw out the plan and just write. LOL. Okay that’s the pantser in me.

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