On teenage viewing choices 1998 edition

I, being a geek, used to watch this show called Breaker High. It was a Saved by the Bell type thing. The premise was a  high school on a cruise ship and they got to visit different cultures. It was a Canadian made show, so if you’ve never heard of it, that’s why.

One of the  main characters was played by Ryan Gosling. He was a skinny little geek, who chased after the rich snobby princess who wanted nothing to do with him. Also Tyler Labine was Ryan’s sidekick and the clown of the show. The guys that weren’t Ryan and Tyler were hot and in all sorts of romance drama.

The two geeks of the show are the ones who made it big, which I find curious. And now I find out Ryan Gosling is hot. It was a shock to me, I know he’s done a lot of movies, none of which I’ve seen.

Are there any shows you watched as a teenager strictly for the eye candy?

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