#Row80Checkin- Writer`s block and money purposes

Writing goals: down the tube. None of the ideas I’ve come up with have turned out plottable. I can’t find character motivation, I can’t find turning points or plots that make things worse. I’m at a dead end. I didn’t want to admit to  having writer’s block, but I think it is.

My plan for this: freewriting (like morning pages, but not in the morning because I am not a morning person and if I do get out of bed for something like this, my son would be awake 2 minutes later), following my other creative interests, such as home decor, sewing and crocheting and to carry on blogging.

I also want to start meditating (more on this next Monday) and also maybe a spiritual practice. Been a long time since I did anything spiritual or religious. I long to be a practicing Wiccan again.

Blogging goals: I have tons of ideas for Friday Fun posts. So those are queued up from  now until June. (Not quite). My Monday Motivation are more difficult, since I’m trying to be more high concept (reaching more people then just writers).

Exercise: I’ve fallen off the wagon. Monkey Boy is so whiny it’s hard to get 40 minutes where he isn’t demanding my attention the entire time. I am a bit bored of EA interactive, so i need a change anyway. Maybe I’ll go back to the exercise videos. I love me some exercise videos. The music and dancing should keep him entertained long enough to raise my heart rate and break a sweat.

Danielle La Porte’s burning question for this week is: What is the purpose for your money?

And mine is ….


More fully: to support my lifestyle so I can create more. More everything. More love, more crafts, more words, more fun, more learning, more time.

Somewhere late last year, I found a blog that asked you to set a goal for the amount of money you would make, but also to allocate that to various areas of your life or to  have a plan for your money.



other bills and life=27%
personal husband and I=4%

The housing and bills are based on my estimates of our costs. For the past 8 years we have managed to keep our housing costs far below the 30% of our income. By looking at this our vehicles would cost far more (if we paid for them outright, these numbers are based on my ideal income, not present income), but the vehicles are total cost, whereas the  housing is only a one year payment schedule, not the whole thing. Plus we also plan to spend a bunch of money doing some fixing up.

What is the purpose of your money? How did your week go?

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7 thoughts on “#Row80Checkin- Writer`s block and money purposes

  1. I’m sure free writing will help break in some ideas. I like how you emphasize creativity. I’m sure if I had a house, and hopefully one day eventually I can afford one, I would spend a lot of time decorating. :)

    Have a great week.

  2. I recently started working out again. It helps with the creative flow. But I have to get up at 5:30 to fit the workout in. That may not work for you. It’s harsh. I hope you find it. Meditation should be good. Simply doing other things for a while will be helpful. I have faith that it will come. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Asrai.

  3. Maybe it’s not a block. More like ADD? I think the meditation would help, but I’m no help in that department. I tried to stick with it this round and had to just drop it. It got depressing to fail every week.

    Hope you have a better week. I have a teething 8 month old and I’m about to rip my hair out or break out the Jaigermeister. :-)

  4. I agree it doesn’t sound like writer’s block. It just seems your current ideas are not up to your own standards. You want to find THE story to which you’ll dedicate a chunk of your life. Free-writing will probably help you with that. As will meditation and exercise, if you can find the time.
    Loved your answer to the purpose of money!
    Keep going, Asrai! We’re here for you.

  5. I’ve had troubles like this before where nothing I think of seems to work. You will get past it, keep working at it! I’ve also been thinking of getting into meditation, are there any particular programs you’re looking at using? I don’t really know how to go about it, but think I need something like it.

    • I wrote a list of all the types of meditation I could find that I thought might be helpful, it goes up tomorrow. My favorite is Flowdreaming.

  6. Free writing should help you with your blockage issues. Just make certain to do it. And if you ever want to do any sort of brainstorming I’m always here for you! We gamers got to stick together!
    I love the fact that you feel your money’s purpose is creation. I would like to think that is the purpose of mine too. Keep up being a good Mom, and I’ll catch ya here later!

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