Boost Productivity

I am a big fan of the blog I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. I haven’t read his book yet, it’s on my list.  Partly because I’m too busy reading his free subscriber content. This past few weeks it’s been “dream job secrets.”

He’s a big fan of videos, which I don’t usually watch, but his tips are really helpful, so I watch.

I can’t recall which day of the dream job secrets it was, but it a five-minute video on boosting productivity. It promised to help readers with all sorts of things. I expected the usual tips.

I know better than to expect these from Ramit. He wrote an entire post about tactics, or rather how we jump from tactic to tactic without studying if a certain tactic is working and why they work. Ramit loves to study top performers, see what tactics they use and then systematically see if they work for others.

So how can you boost productivity?

Test tactics top performers use and see what can work for you.

Be honest about which tactics will work for you. Working against your nature is counter-productive.

Be clear about what is important to you. Make sure your actions are working toward your goals, not counter-productive.

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