#Row80 Check in February 8, How do you want to feel

Okay the check in bits.

Goals: editing. I got good (if frustrating) feedback from my first round betas. So I am working on fixing that. After I get it sent off for a second round, then I shall go back to working on this ambitious idea I have.  Or writing smut. Or fan fiction. I haven`t decided what.

Blogging: I was doing well, until my hubby`s days off hit and we had truck running around to do. Will hop back on the horse when he goes back to work. but we do have a shiny orange truck. Hey I see my last two check-in made to draft status but was never posted. Good job me! :P

Exercising: I am getting back on track.  And I am trying to get some outside time with my son, but it got cold here and again. And windy, freaking prairies I tell ya!

Housecleaning: it`s kitchen week and since the kitchen isn`t cluttered with stuff I can get rid of, I clean off all the counters once, glare at people as they mess them up and never do much else. I need to make up a list of cleaning stuff to do during this week.

Earlier in the week I stumbled upon (not via stumble upon, just through a blog) Danielle LaPorte`s Burning Questions series and this week was about How do you want to feel?

The best one I read  was Ì want paying bills to feel like writing thank-you notes.`I want that too. This blog had some good feelings.

But anyway some of mine.

I want my day to feel like a filled up heart.

I want kissing to feel like melted chocolate.

I want my next success to feel like I touched the heart of the universe.

I want my body to feel like it just had a good stretch, massage and then soak in a hot tub.

I want smiling to feel like biting into a pineapple.

I want my friendships to feel like slipping into a tub of hot water. easy, accessible when I want.

I want my nervous system to feel like nursing a newborn baby.

I want my money-making to feel like playing with puppies and also, wearing your most comfortable pair of jeans.

I want the end of the day to feel like silk pajamas, hot chocolate and a laying on the perfect mattress.

I want my challenges to feel falling in love, a little exciting, a little scary, and I will jump in with both feet.

I want my love to feel like a warm bed.

I want my writing to feel like stretching my body.

I want my ideas to feel like reading tarot cards an unfolding mystery.

I want my house to feel like an open canvas.

I want my life to feel Unwritten.

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2 thoughts on “#Row80 Check in February 8, How do you want to feel

  1. What a lovely way to look at life! As for paying bills, it actually IS like thank you notes for me – every time I think, “oh, this is such a drag” (as in, the paperwork and actual paying), I quickly remember how blessed I am to be *able* to pay the bills, and how blessed I am to have a good job, doing something I actually like.

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