Rose coloured past

I read this really great article on HuffPost Canada, parents division (Is there a part of life that huff doesn’t cover? okay i don’t think they have a jail version, any day now-HuffPost i want full credit on that one!) titled Don’t Carpe Diem. It really wasn’t about seizing the day, but more about enjoying every minute, in the author’s view enjoying parenting.

It’s great to look back and say, man last year was great we did all this awesome stuff. Truthfully, most of it wasn’t that great. We just quickly glaze over the daily grind, the struggles, and just the stuff that makes us happy to go to bed and be unconscious for a few hours.

This isn’t just parenting either.

Working sucks. Even if you have your dream job that you love, you still struggle. There is still shit to deal with that you don’t want to. As the article quotes a famous author saying “I don’t love writing, I  love having written.” (Who is this famous author butchering the English language anyway? His/her quote doesn’t make sense) There are parts you love and parts you hate.

Other things that suck: cooking, entertaining, cleaning house, writing blog posts, researching, grocery shopping, decluttering, taking the garbage out AND sitting through an entire episode of that show you hate but someone you love loves. (This is a short list, not at all comprehensive of things that sometimes suck).

You know what is great: eating delicious food, spending time with loved ones, not tripping over toys, getting comments from readers, having people tell ne I’m right, having food in the house, more space in the house, the people who drive by and take our garbage out  of sight and out of mind, and spending quality time with special someone. (Again, list is not meant to be comprehensive).

Do you have rose coloured glasses of the past and expect them of the present as well?

Maybe i’m wrong, can someone enjoy every moment?


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