Parenting VS Fighting Evil

I was going to make this parenting VS fighting darkspawn (ala Dragon Ages) but I thought I would branch out.

My daughter and I were leaving the grocery store and my 2 year old protested when I picked him up to go to our vehicle. Protested is an euphemism, he screamed in my ear at the top of his lungs.

I looked at my daughter and said, I’d rather fight evil then deal with him right now. And we started joking about ways that parenting is harder then fighting evil.

1. Options.

Parenting: a variety of options which range from passive (give into the child), assertive and positive (nurture the emotions but don’t give in on the limits you set), aggressive (my way or the highway) or even physical.

Fighting evil: Always aggressive and always physical. Stab, hurt, end.

2. What`s best for me.

Parenting: once you have children what works for the parent is a distant second to the child’s needs. Most of the time.

Fighting evil: this thing needs to die. Stab, hurt end.

3. Weapons

Parenting: my wits, and some days I’m pretty sure I’ve come to the battle unarmed and without enough armour.

Fighting Evil: swords, cross bows, arrows, daggers, hands, feet, and if you are lucky magic.

4. Victory

Parenting: once you are labelled parent, no matter how it comes about, you are a parent to that child(ren) for the rest of your life. I suppose if you get your children off to college and then living on their own, you could claim victory, but there are lots of little bumps ahead  yet.

Fighting evil: if you’ve done your job, the evil is ended and you can go the local tavern and celebrate with any companions who may have survived. If you haven’t done your job, evil has taken over the entire world and you are the one who is dead.

5. Allies

Parenting: I have a husband, and my Sister-in-law. My mom lives far away, my dad is recovering from back surgery and we recently moved and I don’t have many friends here yet. My husband is pretty good, but he works long hours.

Fighting evil: a motley crew of various characters who can run from crazy to insanely loyal to people who tag along and bitch about it the whole time. But at least they are well-armed.

What would you prefer parenting or fighting evil?

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2 thoughts on “Parenting VS Fighting Evil

  1. Fighting evil. Definitely. I mean, it’s such a known quantity, right? Or do evil overlords and their minions suffer moodiness and spells of parental disrespect too? Probably, now that I think about it, but it all turns to agression and fights with swords instead of pouting, yelling, and grounding for two weeks. Yeehah! :)

    • Probably, but the minions are pretty expendable, and the overlords are way more cruel. Tho I bet the wants of the minions are just as trivial.

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