Dining Room Tables

We bought an okay dining room table set 6 years ago. The chairs were white and we had a 3 year old, they are stained. The table top is pitted in places. Hubby has been pushing for a new table, but I said I’m going to strip it, disassemble and paint it.

Only I don’t know what colours to go with. I saw a table painted yellow on Property Brothers a few days ago. Bright yellow. People keep searching this and finding my blog so I went through the archives of the show and found a picture, but that’s all there is. Here’s the link to Episode 14 of the Property Brothers and the bright yellow table..

After I paint the table I may have to paint the china cabinet as well.  The top is wood and the legs are metal. The top can stay as is, if it has to, but the legs need to be changed. i don’t want to go all dark because we are doing dark furniture in the living room and I need something else. Here is some of my inspiration so far:

i like the colour, maybe too much blue and the metal chairs are great.

The Upward Bound House by Elizabeth Bomberger eclectic dining room
This would go with some pictures I purchased recently. i like the distressed look. I could do something simliar on the china cabinet.
The Neoteric Classic modern family room
i love the dark green chairs in this one.
Family Style eclectic dining room
i am loving this fabric. It is a faux leather.
This table is wacky!

Striped table

I’m 2 hours behind schedule now and no further ahead with my dining room plans.


One thought on “Dining Room Tables

  1. I also like the notion of painting a table. However when I talked to somebody about applying a laquer finish they told me that a glossy table top would not wear well – it would show scrapes easily. What was your experience?

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