Creating new habits: The world around you

There is a story in Switch about a factory that used a flammable chemical in their process. Not surprising was there were a number of fires. The head of the company sent a memo asking workers not to set fires. I never figured out if it was a true story os just a point.

Often we believe that problems occur because of people either in their rational minds or emotional ones, and if they just tried harder theyd change. But sometimes it is the world around us that just needs to be changed.

1) Change the environment. We all follow the path to least resistance, so make things easy. Or at least visible. A sticky note, not turning on the TV or computer until you’ve done X amount of work, going somewhere you don’t have Internet so you can work.

2) Habits. Flylady talks a lot about making habits or routines. I have a bad habit of vegging after supper and leaving the dishes until morning. Instead I’ve been unloading the dishwasher first thing and loading it right after supper.

3) Use peer pressure. The best way to keep a gaol or resolution is to have at least one partner doing it with you. If you promise a friend to meet at the gym every day you are less likely to skip gym sessions. Or for writing check the #Row80 and #amwriting hashtags for writing sprints. We succeed in groups. #WAna1011

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4 thoughts on “Creating new habits: The world around you

  1. I’m a complete and total fan of the FlyLady system. It sounds crazy but just little things like “shining the sink” and “making the bed” do help. But I think I love the “you can do anything for 15 minutes” which I apply to as many aspects of my life as I can.

    Great post for a Monday :)

    • For sure. Flylady is awesome, I’ve adopted her voice in my head instead of some the childhood stuff I used to play. I have tried to work the system so many times and just crashed and burned because I tried to do it all. So this time I am just shining my sink until that’s a habit, then I’ll add more.

  2. Habits are a hard one because I think they become like a mini-security blanket for us. They are the known, the comfortable, the reliable. Switching things up causes anxiety and chaos in our minds. I’ve got a few habits I’m working on right now and it’s been tough to get them to stick, but I’m committed to this and that’s probably the biggest determining factor of my success. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Willingness to change is pretty important. Part of Switch is geared toward how to convince others to change.

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